Jack Cummings is on the brink. With less than a fortnight to go until launch, there’s a lot to do. When he and Matt Kneen decided to team up and form their own business, in Jack’s words it was because they were “sick of working for other people”. Such freedom comes at a cost and it’s safe to say, with deadlines looming, suppliers delaying and reality dawning, he’s feeling that strain now. It’s ok though, Jack has a plan.

“I won’t actually be in contact with any humans the week we launch. It’s for the best”.His friend and business partner, Matt Kneen has a somewhat simpler introduction.“Can I start with ‘I f*****g love cheese?’”.It seems as good a place as any. Baby Cheezus started as a goofy idea, a silly conversation between mates on a beach who were in a slightly heightened state of mind. Inspired by a mixture of the way Jeremy Clarkson pronounces ‘Baby Jesus’ and the friends’ shared history in the catering industry, our lord and saviour, the Baby Cheezus was born. A story as old as time itself. Jack sums up matter of factly:“Cheese was the winner”.The plan was simple and very specific: convert a 1980’s horse box into a pimpin’ food trailer and produce God-tier magnificent food that brought the atheists and the devout together in a holy matrimony of cheesy communion. Grilled cheese sandwiches with a blank canvas of toppings, nachos and deep fried cheese bites are all served up in what is sure to be food worthy of the last supper. All cheese is Isle of Man Creameries finest and the importance of the produce being as Manx as a tailless cat isn’t lost on Matt Kneen. “Everything will be sourced locally – including the clientele”. And by Jack’s calculations, they will use inexcess of 500 kilos of Manx cheddar this coming Easter Weekend, with a hit rate of 8 toasties being conjured up in 5 minutes. You cheddar believe it!The pair are a laugh riot but there’s a seriousness about what they’re doing. They’ve had no external investment, cobbling together their savings and putting everything into the project. After setting the most perfect launch date of Easter Weekend at Foraging Vintners with the inspired tagline – ‘Cheezus is rising April 2019’, they are so determined that, despite Jack’s concerns, one cannot foresee anything but significant success for them both.As Jack shows me his undoubted highlight of the process thus far – his company bank card with adorned lettering beneath the account number stating, simply ‘Baby Cheezus’ – I ask of their plans for the future. There’s talk of expanding from events to weddings, great hopes for TT and, ultimately, a rabid thirst for cheesy revolution.“I want to initiate some kind of Manx cheese epidemic”, says Matt.You wouldn’t bet against them. Come and witness the resurrection for yourself at a party of biblical proportions as Peggy’s take over Foraging Vintners this coming Easter Weekend. You won’t raclette it.var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bu5wh4gym”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1548694738,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//

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