Month: May 2019

Après TT

“The TT races in the Isle of Man aren’t just about the bikes” declares Mark Womack, in a TT focused episode of TVs Booze Britain “and they’re not just about the drinking”. The programme was trying to lift the lid on the UK’s binge drinking ‘epidemic’, but never a truer […]

Homegrown Talent: Foxtrap

Ever wondered what happens when you mix a musical Manxie with a couple of talented Latvians? Some pretty incredible experimental music is what. Local girl Helen Morrisson of Foxtrap is doing the island proud on the adjacent Isle and her band regularly give the Isle of Man a taste of […]

Gef Presents: The Tides

After a jam-packed 2018, Ramsey’s hottest boy band ‘The Tides’ have had a cracking start to 2019 with their latest single ‘Mates’ reaching 45 in the iTunes Singer / Songwriter charts; currently sandwiched between pop-royalty James Bay and Dappy from N-Dubz. Last year, the lads played a blinding set at […]

When Gef Met… Switch

The nineties were a simpler time, weren’t they?There was no judgement if your DJ played Abba’s Dancing Queen at your wedding party, with a marriage of coloured lights to flash in time to the beat.Maybe there was a smoke machine. It was a party must. But in this digital age […]

When Gef Met… Mae Challis

At just 20 years old Mae Challis’s voice is deceptively strong, having become more raw and sultry on her latest single release, Is It Strange? than her win at The Next Big Thing competition in 2014.There’s an obvious decision to evolve the acoustic-driven sound of her early performances, and behind […]

When Gef met… Symbollix

For many on the Island, and indeed us here at Gef HQ, TT isn’t just about the racing.It’s that two-week party spirit that engulfs the Island, the forgetting (then remembering) why tequila shots are never the answer, and Karen from finance spewing her guts up on the side of the […]

When Gef met… Buncha Skankers

To say that Buncha Skankers put on an energetic show is an understatement.These two-tone anarchistic mad-heads fuse everything from surf rock guitar to throbbing saxophone riffs covering all things ska and in between, and their audiences lap it up like there’s no tomorrow.For someone who does very little exercise, just […]

TT 2019 : Schedule

TT IS SO CLOSE, WE CAN SMELL IT. We’ve listed the practice and full race schedule below, which is of course, subject to change due to Manannan, Mother Nature and well, every other weather God around!Pass us a beer…our bodies are READY! QUALIFYING PROGRAMME 2019 SATURDAY 25TH MAY 18:20 – […]

TT: How Fast Can We Go?

Just less than a month now until you can grab a crate of beer, roll up your mum’s favourite picnic blanket and hitch yourself onto a hedge in the middle of nowhere. Everyone seems to forget the feeling until the first bike of the year flies past, leaving only shocked faces, burnt […]