10 of the best spots to watch the Senior TT Races


Ahhh the TT. The only time of year you’ll gladly get up earlier than the birds to walk for miles through fields, only to sit yourself on a grassy verge for the day.We’re blessed with 37.73 miles (to be exact) of TT course to watch the bikes from…so we’ve put together a few of our fave spots to watch the Senior Races this TT.

#1 Cronk-y-Voddy

Cronk-y-Voddy has long been a favoured spot of those travelling to the Island to catch a glimpse of the action. With the bumps in the road, the bikes really have to show their skill at lightning speed.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m6hWxoCCQQVideo credit: Dave Thornley 

#2 The Grandstand

You’ll get to see the boys in the pit and if you’re lucky enough to have access passes, you might even get to meet the riders. You can even enjoy a pint and a pizza during the action at Trackside!

#3 The Mountain Mile

Out in the sticks and you’re stuck there all day, but well worth it to see the boys open up over the Mountain. Remember your toilet roll if you head here!

Steve Babb Facebook

Image Credit: Steve Babb Facebook Page

#4 Hilberry

‘The bikes get so close and fast on the straight, and after the race you can wander down to the Grandstand for a beer’…well we can’t argue with that can we?!

#5 Creg-ny-Baa

Up at the Creg, you’ve got it all. A speedy straight, a sweeping corner and one of the most popular TT pub’s on the Island serving up delish food and drinks all day.Fresh off the mountain, the boys on bikes hammer it here.Photo Cred: Lap ConceptsImage credit: Lap Concepts Facebook Page

#6 McGuinness’s / Barregarrow

McGuinness’s is a cheeky lil left hander before the top of Barregarrow, named after the man himself Mr. John McGuinness. This corner is defo worth the trek through the foliage for the view and the speed!McGuinness's

#7 Black Dub @ Mile 9

Located on Mile Marker 9 in St John’s, the Black Dub bills itself as “the ultimate trackside viewing” for the Island.  The atmosphere promises to be electric but with a distinctive Foraging Vintners ambience too. There will be the same music played as in the bar, keeping the glen vibe of serenity, replicating the mellow mood of Port Erin bay but with the dynamism of TT added to the mix: A heady cocktail.More info here

#8 Sulby Straight

Reckon you’re a bit of a speed demon? Anywhere on the Sulby straight will show you exactly why these bikers are top of their game. Pop into The Ginger Hall pub whilst you’re up that way, the Landlord is a bit of a ledge.

#9 If you’re lucky enough, down the bottom of your front garden…

If you’re on the TT course, firstly…we’re WELL JEALOUS! Secondly, enjoy it. You’re up close and personal to the best motorbike road race and racers in the WORLD (in our opinion)Send us your pics, we wanna see the course from your perspective! Check out this mega shot from Kirk Michael sent in by Jan Coleman…We hear the hospitality at this place is out of this world! 😉

Jan's House

#10 ITV 4

For those unfortunate enough to not be on the Rock to catch a glimpse of the madness, you can ALWAYS rely on some insane coverage from the crew over at ITV4.

Even if you have been live at the races during the day, get the full race programme on record so you can relive it when you get home after a pint or 3 at Bushy’s Village.

Where’s your favourite spot? Let us know in the comments!

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