Drunken TT fans vow vengeance upon Zeus: God of Rain


After a washed out practice week, TT fans are at the end of their tether. Hundreds of drenched bikers gathered at Bushy’s yesterday lunchtime to hatch a plan of vengeance. Drowning in rainfall was to be cured by drowning sorrows, so says German biker, Jurgen Von Schnitzelburger:

“It has been a very frustrating week. But what can you do? It’s TT and you can’t control the weather. We decided to just get so lashed we could see through time”

It was after pint 14 that Jurgen finally knew what needed to be done. What if you could control the weather?

“I can’t remember who started it but there was a small group of us chanting ‘FU*K YOU ZEUS! FU*K YOU ZEUS’. Before I knew it, there was at least 200 of us. Some people even brought weaponry”

Such weaponry came in the form of crossbows, machetes and, in one particularly inspired move, a local gal from Onchan brought a feisty set of nunchucks to proceedings.As Gef writes this, you will see the hordes marching along Douglas Prom, cursing the Greek God of Rain in a leather-clad sweep of mad fury.Updates to follow. Good luck guys!

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