Throw another kipper on the barbie


June to August, come rain or shine, the very molecules of Manx air are perpetually buzzing with the smell of charred patties and sausage meat. Your dad goes all Gordon Ramsey, giving evil side-eye to anyone who even breathes near his serrated tongs. Your mum has been reduced to nothing more than a salad spinner, hashing together an ill-proportioned vinaigrette that tastes more rank than ranch. Someone’s thankfully had the foresight to drown out the obligatory family chat by bringing the Sonos outside, but with a lead length of just 1.5 metres, it inevitably won’t reach and is balanced precariously on the kitchen windowsill while blasting out a Spotify playlist to rival Ibiza’s Café del Mar. You’ve got your top off despite it only be 16°C outside: it must be Manx barbecue season.


Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a barbecue? There’s something comforting about scoffing a blackened sausage while enjoying some tepid rosé. Your dad, who’s normally a timid man of simple pleasures, has raised his machismo a few notches as he declares a six-foot radius encompassing the BBQ as ‘his space’.With the excellent weather looking to extend into next week, the intermittence of glorious Manx weather usually means that a BBQ is a last-minute arrangement, which usually explains the frenzied under or overbuying of burgers. But with a bit of warning, a BBQ can be the fine line between a great weekend and a good one.The Island’s favourite supermarket chain, Shoprite, has you covered with an array of BBQ-ware, from burgers to coal, and our friends at Baby Toddler Foods put the Victoria Road Shoprite through its paces.To get your BBQ off to a sizzling start, there’s currently a wicked 3 for £10 deal on Manx-BBQ favourites including the Andreas Meat Company-produced Manx Pork and Marmalade burgers, Manx spicy red onion and cracked black pepper burgers, Paddy’s whole stuffed sea bass, and Paddy’s salmon and prawn kebabs.

1.Manx Whopper 


“We served the red onion and black pepper burgers, double stacked with Manx bacon and Isle of Man Creamery cheese”

2.Mega Hot Dog 


“Always a winner with the kids, I doubled up on the sausages and obvs splashed some Tommy K”

3.Manx Steak 


“You can’t beat a Manx sirloin steak on the barbie, we added tasty caramelised onion and served it in a soft floury bap”

4.Paddy’s Skewers


“We served them in their straight up, grilled perfection”

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