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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So it’s been three days since you got paid and it feels like an eternity ‘til that paycheck rolls in again… Well, we hear ya sister!! But we did also see you outside the Courthouse on Saturday night throwing pound notes at passers-by shouting that you were the ‘Wolf of Athol Street’… But who are we to judge! Anyways, lucky for you, we got your back bro! That’s right, your trusty neighbourhood Gef is here to give you the lowdown on how to spend the next 84 years  three weeks ‘til payday, living that champagne lifestyle, on your lemonade budget…

#1 Island in the sun

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Little over a year ago, our tiny wee Isle was awarded UNESCO biosphere status – if you’re not sure what that means exactly, we’ll explain it real simple; we live in a bloody beautiful place! Yeah, sure we’re only allocated three days of sun per year, but what better way to spend those three days than by chilling at the beach, Port Erin’s my favourite, with a couple of beers – non-alcoholic, of course… Seriously though, with so much beauty on our doorstep, we’d be absolute fools not to make the most of it, when we can.

#2 Lemons. What to do when life gives you them? Drink em, of course!

Joey from friendsSimpsons

When you’re flat ass broke, staying at home when your mates are out partying might seem like the best idea, but we can tell you from experience that it’s pretty damn depressing… So next time your clique is balling outrageous in bath & bottle, but you can’t afford the price tag. Have a quiet word with your bartender/waitress and ask them to hit you up with homemade lemonades/non-alcoholic cocktails instead… Sure you’re not getting the boozy buzz buzz, but at least you’re not sat at home, with a bad bout of the FOMO, slowly sliding off the social ladder into crazy-cat-person-land.

#3 Run, Forrest, RUN!

Mo FarahGame of Thrones Night King

OK, we’re not for one second advocating everyone pop on their sneaks and go on an all-out Mo Farah-esq assault, that would be both silly and highly unlikely, there isn’t enough Quorn in the world to feed two Mo’s. That there Raad-ny-Follian – that’s Coastal Path for those of you in your island infancy – is pretty damn stunning, and has some cracking views along the way. If the thought of running makes you want to dive headfirst off Marine Drive, then no need panic – or be quite so dramatic – because walking is perfectly fine too!

#4 Set fire to the rain

Dog getting a treatStar Wars

Speaking of Marine Drive, just before you get there – whether you’re running or throwing yourself off – there’s a super cute little BBQ spot just in front of the Douglas Head Apartments. Picnic benches, a spot to put your disposable BBQ and a mighty fine view of Douglas Bay. What better way to spend an afternoon, or evening, than BBQing up a storm out in the open?! If you’re totally broke, just go and sit up there, appreciate the views and smells and hope someone else that’s BBQing takes pity on you.You will need to use up one of your three allocated days of sunshine though, so choose wisely young Padawan.

#5 Get your fix

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Ask any self-respecting millennial how much a week they spend on coffee, and they probably couldn’t give you an answer… Because coffee is a way of life. It’s one of the five essential food groups – alongside avocado, peanut butter, sourdough and gin… Coffee is bae.Heck sometimes it’s not even about the coffee, but more the concept as a whole… We don’t know what did it – binging on too many episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. growing up we guess – but catching up with our BFFs or chilling with our MacBook over a cup of Joe sure is one of our favourite ways to spend an afternoon.Feeding that Flat White habit can prove to be fairly pricey though, so before you sell off the family jewels to get your fix, there is another way you curb those craves on a shoestring, without selling granny’s fine china.That’s right, the island’s equivalent of Central Perk – Noa Bakehouse – offers filter coffee at £2.10 a cup, with a free refill.  Part two is here [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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