Staying in? Mega lols, of course you are.

With self-isolation in full swing and with no sign of letting up, it’s essential that you try and retain a bit of sanity. 

It can feel like your days are a perpetual cycle of Netflix and chill, and having eaten all your best quarantine snacks on day one, you’re now left with something breadcrumbed and beige for dinner that you’ve pulled ashamedly from the freezer.

But no more.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you won’t have missed the launch of, the Island’s saving grace on the food ordering/delivery scene. is here to change the way we order food. They’ve partnered with all your favourite Isle of Man restaurants and cafes – from hidden gems to local favourites – to bring you the stuff you love when you need it the most. 

The premise is simple: choose a restaurant, place an order for take away, and enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a model that the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats have been peddling for years the world over, but it took a widespread pandemic for the Isle of Man to sit up and think, ‘shit, we need something like that.’ is the brainchild of Afundi, an Isle of Man Digital & Software Development Agency. Having been conceived, developed, and launched in just 72 hours, its creation was in direct response to the economic suffering of some of the Island’s small businesses.

We all have incredible friends who work in the hospitality and catering sectors who are working tirelessly to keep their businesses alive, and aims to keep as many restaurant kitchens open as possible by not discriminating against who can sign up to be listed on the free platform. 

Our friends and all-round good eggs, Jess and Nic, wanted to do their part to ensure that the Isle of Man’s favourite restaurants and cafes didn’t suffer in the wake of our collective self-isolation, and was a product of this. 

As Jess said in a social media post: “We are blessed to work and live in a community that comes together so effortlessly. Now that the website is live, my biggest hope and ask is that every single person on the Isle of Man supports these incredible restaurant owners who have shown such resilience and agility to change the way they do business, basically overnight. 

“We have no idea how long everyone will be open for so we must support them while we can! I feel so deeply invested in ensuring that we all come out the other side okay, even if it means a little heavier from all the take out.” 

While the situation we’re in is changing rapidly from minute to minute, Jess and Nic are remaining as reactive as possible, and the site, too, is being developed continuously, with necessary additions and changes being made as and when things happen.

In the pipeline, they are anticipating that many restaurants and customers will want to pay online, and they are working on trying to find an appropriate solution as part of their next phase.

Included in this next phase will be creating a dashboard for all restaurant owners to manage their own listings, which will help to speed up the current onboarding process.

The guys behind are a small team with a big desire to help so please be kind and supportive: they aren’t making any money from this venture.

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