ft – David Ashford

  1. 5 new cases

  2. Please only call 111 if you have symptoms… not to ask them if you can kiss your dog. Call 686262 for everything else

  3. Don’t go to your GP, they’ll phone or FaceTime you

  4. IF YOU HAVE A DIVING MASK BE A HERO AND DONATE IT. Drop it down to Discover Diving in Port Erin

  5. If you’re an employer make sure your staff are working from home ASAP

  6. Use common sense with daily exercise – don’t go for a 7 hour family day out

  7. There are a lot of benefits to us being on an island – traceback is easier cos we all know each other

  8. Firm measures are keeping our curve low 👍 

“Thank you to everyone who is abiding by the rules. It is much appreciated.” – Ashy


#itshowardoclock 🍷

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