Pronounced: Grarn-yer

FOOD, glorious food.

If you’re anything like us, right now it’s probably the only thing on your mind. 

When is my next meal? What is my next meal? Is it too early for a snack? Does a pack of biscuits count as a snack? How late is too late for a second (or third) serving of dinner?

Answers at the bottom of the page

You’re stuck at home, you can’t eat out and you’re faced with the overwhelming task of cooking for yourself for the foreseeable, possibly your family too! Well, if you’re stuck for some inspiration on what to cook (or even how to cook it), then look no further than fun-loving, amateur home-cook, Gráinne!

Gráinne has big plans to bring her kitchen into yours this quarantine season via the power of social media. ‘Cook with G’ focuses on supporting the local community by cooking with local produce from local suppliers; the woman even uses her Grandad’s Gansey pottery for god’s sake – what’s not to love? 

Coming to us prerecorded from her kitchen, G’s light hearted videos aim to entertain us, the Manx community, with some much needed humour, as well as providing some actual education on how to cook, sharing the videos on her YouTube, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

One of her FB comments reads “Manx Nigella or what?!”

(G says she’s pretty chuffed with that one)

In her debut video, G goes all out and features noods – or noodles if we’re speaking proper. 

Caramelised teriyaki salmon, sprinkled with spring onions, sushi ginger and toasted sesame seeds on a bed of steamed greens and egg noodles – sounds bloody lovely dun it? 

Like G says, this recipe is “DEAD easy!” Using locally sourced ingredients from our boys at Robbos and Paddy’s, G immediately reveals the secret ingredient in all her recipes… wine. Always, always always always drink wine while cooking… Noted.

As well as being fond of a drink, G is a realist; she shows us a wonderful teriyaki sauce, Blue Peter ‘here’s one I made earlier’ style, but admits that if you canny be arsed making your own, the stuff out the bottle is just as good. Or, if you’re culinarily challenged…probably better than one you’d be able to make yourself. Either way, there’s an easy option if you want to take it. G is also a mum of a fussy eater (the joys) and so goes to the effort of pointing out where adaptations can be made for those with…how shall we put it? less diverse palettes? by simply oven baking a plain fillet for her daughter, whilst all the others get a pre-oven, pan fried treatment; something G is a big advocate of.

“More people need to pan fry fish!” – Gráinne Joughin, 2020

We should probably stop giving an audio description to the video and just tell you to go give it a watch yourself. Then, when you’ve finished, how about you try to follow her recipe which can be found right here and recreate it yourself? If teriyaki salmon doesn’t tickle your pickle why not watch the one where she rustles up a rustic Feta pie… as y’do. Or that one where she doesn’t cook chips cheese and gravy (fair comment G!)

Right now we’re finding joy in the little things in life and these videos do a great job of reminding us what a pleasure cooking (and eating) can be! Thanks for that, G!

Anyone else, like, really hungry now? 



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