Manx Solidarity Support – Shop Gef


Since our re-launch, we’ve been working with Manx born artist Laura Bowles from Island of Social to create images that reflect the mood of the nation and represent our willingness to combat Covid-19 as a nation. 

Whilst we try and look for the positives, we are acutely aware of the pain that this situation is inflicting on our community.

In an effort to have a more tangible impact in the community, we have launched Gef’s & Island of Social online Chazza Shop. 

This means you can don a #howardoclock t-shirt whilst supporting those in need from the comfort of your home (which you should stay in as much as possible)

ALL profit will be donated to the @Manx Solidarity Fund which has been established to deliver much-needed funds and support to individuals and businesses who are most in need. A really fantastic initiative. 

Happy shopping. 

Love Gef & Laura x

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