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In times of supermarket uncertainty where people are stock-piling toilet roll and panic buying pasta, Wiltshire Farm Foods – a Douglas-based food and essentials delivery service – are on a mission to ensure that the Island’s most vulnerable are catered for, by working with other local businesses to support the Island’s supply chain.


Before this pesky pandemic, Wiltshire Farm Foods were delivering frozen meals to the elderly and vulnerable, two societal groups of people who find it challenging to prepare and cook meals from scratch: not only are Wiltshire’s meals quick and easy, but being frozen means they retain their nutritional content and their flavour for much longer. 

From Indian and Chinese curries to chef’s favourites and sweet treats, their catalogue of products offers a wide variety in terms of flavour and cuisine and dispels many of the preconceptions people have over frozen food offerings. 

They’ve introduced products from local suppliers to their catalogue to assist smaller businesses who are struggling during economic and financial downturn to get their products off the shelves and into the Island’s cupboards. 

Initially, Wiltshire’s main clientele were those who needed assistance, but they’ve now expanded their service to anyone struggling to leave the house. The company currently serves 500 homes with regular deliveries of freshly-prepared frozen meals, yet can support many more during this time of economic apprehension. 


Forging a strong relationship with their customer base has always been a top priority for Wiltshire, with the team working around the clock to meet the needs of the Manx community: they’ve even introduced new vans to their fleet to cope with supply and demand. 


What makes the team’s hard work even more worthwhile is the off-Island reviews they’re currently receiving. 

People worldwide who are anxious and worried about Island-based relatives have been getting in touch to see how Wiltshire can assist, and they’ve absolutely risen to the challenge: a recent enquiry saw an American woman concerned about her Manx father – a dementia patient – whose carer was unable to continue with their duties during ‘rona lockdown, with one of Wiltshire’s team going above and beyond to ensure the gentleman was looked after. Unnamed Wiltshire employee, we salute you!

As well as monitoring industry recommendations surrounding coronavirus with regards to ensuring the health and safety of their clients and workforce, Wiltshire Farm Foods recently took extra steps to provide their customers with daily essentials by teaming up with the Isle of Man Creamery to ensure the Island’s most vulnerable residents received free bread and milk with their order.


 While Wiltshire Farm Foods are essentially a UK brand, the Island-based franchise has adopted Manx values when it comes to community support and assistance. 

Their warehouse employs over 15 Manx staff and they’ve been able to redeploy workers from their sister company, Harbour Lights, to ensure workers in the struggling hospitality and catering sectors retain some semblance of a financial income: it’s a great initiative to keep the Island’s workforce in business.


Wiltshire Farm Foods have also appealed to the Island’s wider business network – particularly those within the catering and hospitality sectors – who have products that those who are self-isolating may have trouble obtaining.


It’s been vital for them to support other local businesses at this time, especially those in the local food supply chain: there’s a real recognition that small businesses are at the heart of the Island’s community.


In addition to taking orders for individuals, they are also working to support care homes, and have recently reached out to other assisted living operations which may require assistance with catering.


Wiltshire Farm Foods can also provide multi-portion nutritional meals that cater to specific dietary requirements such as malnutrition, diabetes, and dysphagia, and they can increase their orders to meet the needs of the Island. 


All Wiltshire orders are fulfilled locally. Orders can be placed by calling 626393 or online at www.wiltshirefarmfoods.im. Small businesses wishing to discuss home delivery options or their products can use the same contact details.

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