You like my brows? Gee thanks, just grew ‘em

It’s obvious we are all dealing with lockdown in our own different ways. At some point we are likely to adopt similar coping mechanisms, such as watching more films in a day than we normally would in 2 weeks, having a wine at 11am ‘because if we can’t now, when can we!’, actually exercising for one hour a day (every day) and making sure we take a damn coherent list to the supermarket.

What has come to light however is just how reckless some people have become when it comes to the hair on their body. And let’s keep this clean, we’re strictly focusing on the neck upwards (…you do you in places unseen). Apparently, the new cure for boredom is a shaved head. If you happen to have access to some clippers or are handy with a pair of scissors, now is the time to forget they exist, lest you end up with a buzz cut. But, at the end of the day, if you do succumb, you can style it out – or become a hat person.

You know what you can’t style out as easily? Your. Brows. Remember the 90s? Yeah, they do too. 

Whilst the masses gathered in the toilet roll aisle in Tesco in an effort to win the coveted prize of Never Needing To Buy Bog Roll Again, or fighting two aisles across to get enough pasta to fulfil their lifelong dream of feeding every Isle of Man resident for weeks, the ever committed Katherine was spending her time trying to figure out how on earth she was going to get her clients to absolutely, under no circumstances, pick up their tweezers and start plucking away at stray hairs. As we all know, where there’s a will there’s a way; and in Glampervans’ case – there are two! 

Enter – *Brow Club Membership*. Now, more than ever, we need to pull our socks up and support local businesses, and this is a win win (quite literally –  if you purchase a Brow Club membership now, you’ll save a pretty penny across the 6 treatments. 3,000 pennies to be exact). Brow Club Membership is a pre-paid brow credit which will top up your account with 6 brow treatments, to spend over 6 months (from the date of your first appointment). What are you waiting for?! 

  • Support a local business

  • Have 6 appointments ready and paid for


Like I said before…it’s a win win. Maybe a win win win? Your brows definitely agree.

Glampervan’s second offering is an interactive one, and when Katherine’s books reopen she will pick a worthy winner to win the grand prize…free treatments for a year

‘What do I need to do?’ I hear you cry! It’s quite simple, really. Before entries close on Sunday 5 April (9pm SHARP), snap a picture of your brows in their current state and send them through to Katherine. This is a judgement free zone – so whether your brows are still in tip top shape, they’re almost on their way out, or you’re seriously convinced you could plait them, send send send. This will then become a weekly Sunday ritual, in which you’re encouraged to share your journey in full as creatively as you wish. Think of it like a diary that you and your freshly preened eyebrows can look over fondly when this has all blown over. To help you, there will be regular tips on Glampervans’ facebook page for how to encourage hair growth, build on your shape and style them!

Katherine has a simple request for us all to get behind:

Please stay safe, make good choices, support local more than ever and put down the tweezers.


At its core, this competition shows just how dedicated and passionate Katherine is; not only about her amazing business but about ensuring every single client, old and new, can have the brows of their DREAMS (whilst making what is undeniably an unusual time for everyone a little more light-hearted). 

Remember – each day that passes we are one day closer to normality; and you are one day closer to having Katherine work her magic. But for the time being, embrace your inner Frida Kahlo. 

Frida KahloFrida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo


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