There’s only one thing better than eating dinner from your local restaurant – having it for free.

Lucky employees at Manx-based firm Boston get to do just that, after being given £100 each by their bosses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nice work if you can get it!

Workers across the multi family office company’s three offices in Douglas, Malta and Dubai have been given a selection of local restaurants they can order from, and once they’ve paid their bosses will reimburse them.

The Manx culinary destinations are: Isola in Douglas, Ravioli House in Ramsey, La Gusto in Port Erin, The Garrison in Castletown, The Creek Inn in Peel and The Mona Lisa in Laxey.

They can nip to these spots to collect their food, or in some cases, have it delivered while waiting in their pyjamas at home.

The aim is to help local businesses, and the company hopes that others will follow suit if they are able.They also want to make sure their staff are treating themselves during these strange times.

“We’ve been so lucky with our staff, so we wanted to do something to maintain high spirts across our team” board member Sarah Ingrassia said.

“We also wanted to support some of our favourite restaurants to try and help them stay afloat. We want to be able to enjoy them again when this is all over. We’d encourage other local businesses who are still in good health to do the same”

Boston CEO Katherine Ellis, said.

“Company culture is incredibly important to us, so we’re continually working on initiatives to keep our staff engaged and entertained.

“We moved very quickly to a full office closure with all staff working from home, we appreciate how adaptable our team have been and we’re proud of them for sticking to the rules in style”

In a bid to make employee lives a bit easier, Boston is also doing: 

●      “Wine time” virtual quizzes with Douglas, Malta and Dubai all involved.

●      Fancy dress Thursdays via Video conference

●      Video conference pilates classes for the more fitness-inclined

●      Weekly all-staff chats for updates and shout outs to those who have done great work

●      Flexible working to help manage family life

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