It’s no secret that regular exercise positively influences serotonin levels in your brain, and right now we need all the serotonin we can get!

Are you feeling deflated after the closure of your gym, halting of your classes or the now-stagnant walk you’re taking as often as you can in the immediate vicinity of your home?

If so, the team behind Active Souls may just have the perfect solution for you. 

If you’ve never heard of Active Souls before, prepare to be educated. Their sole aim is to inject the fun back into exercise – remember those PE lessons in school when you’d walk into the sports hall and see hula hoops, those small bean bags and mats and you could hardly contain your excitement? Their Facebook page summarises what they’re about in the best way (…obviously): ‘we gather fun loving, like minded awesome humans and play our way through some epic old school games and laughter inducing activities. Whether it’s a playground game of British Bulldogs or a custom classic from our epic portfolio, you won’t just get a healthy workout, you will make friends, laugh (a lot) and work your brain in ways that it might have forgotten’. Sounds utterly amazing right?

‘Yeah, Grace, we get it but we can’t actually GO TO CLASSES ANYMORE’. We hear ya, and so do Active Souls! Every Monday they will be releasing new games and resources for absolutely everybody to use and enjoy – personally I am very excited to get my roomie/landlord (otherwise known as my Nana) on board with this. That’s how adaptable these programmes will be; whether you’re a parent looking for some inspo for your at home PE lessons (or simply looking for ways to drag your kids away from a screen), you’ve exhausted all the workout videos on Instagram or you’re just looking to inject some fun into an otherwise overwhelming situation – Active Souls At Home is for you! 

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a highly stocked outdoor shed bursting with balls and hockey sticks, the big word here is C R E A T I V I T Y. Along with each activity/game there will be a host of substitutions in lieu of the real deal, such as rolled up socks in place of a ball, or tins of beans as markers instead of cones. 

We fired some questions over to Mikey Haslett, founder of Active Souls to explain more – as who better to spread the word than the man with the plan himself? 

How did the idea for Active Souls At Home come about; is it something you’d been considering as soon as social distancing was enforced? 

I suppose it was organic really, we wanted to do something for our Tribe but came to realise that replicating what we do is really difficult without other people to do it with. We also wanted to contribute something positive to the wider community. It’s kind of cool that these social media challenges have been so popular but I guess they provide only a short term release before the next thing pops up, we wanted to provide something a little more enduring and meaningful. 

It wasn’t however until an off hand conversation with one of our Family Souls Tribe that we started thinking about adapting some of our games to become “Active Souls at Home”, kinda like a PE resource for parents looking for ideas for their new found home school but also for anyone else looking for creative and playful ways to spend their lockdown days. 

Playing games has such a cathartic effect, you become consumed in something enjoyable, for the fun of it, it’s something we should all seek to have a little more of in our lives, but more so now than ever! 

Is this a free service or is it subscription based?

Totally free! We will publish the games each Monday and Gef will host on their website. 

(We’re not wanting to take all the credit, Active Souls is a Corona Collab with Visual Picnic (who have beautifully designed everything) and Sam from Fusion Barbell, who has helped curate the fun workouts)

Get your finest gym gear at the ready (or, if you’re me, an old T-shirt and the one and only pair of leggings you own), as the first instalment will be live tomorrow!

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