Keep your gin up!

Anyone who knows me (and even some who don’t – what’s THAT all about?) knows that I am a gin fan. A lover of all things ginny. A gin-ficionado, if you will.


In fairness, it has always been my tipple of choice – long before it became a thing – and I have quaffed many, many, MANY brands and styles over the years. I even have a gin cupboard – true story. My absolute favourites come from the East Anglian coast, just up the road from where I grew up, namely Adnams Copper House and Adnams Rising Sun – but it’s not easy to get them here, and Adnams doesn’t deliver to the IOM. Which is a bit poo, frankly.


Anyhoooo, I am now an avid fan of Fynoderee (all the ‘seasons’ – love ‘em all), which was started by my good friends, Tiffany and Paul Kerruish.  Their gins are utterly lovely, produced in small batches with an artisan vibe, a fabulous Manx legend as inspo, and wonderful branding and artwork (take a bow, Julia Ashby-Smythe!).


As well as keeping it local with Fynoderee, for three years or so I have been a member of the Craft Gin Club, a UK-based subscription service which delivers an interesting gin (often with a great back story), good tonics, garnishes and snacks, along with instructions for how to make the perfect serves and yummy cocktails. You can imagine my delight when I learnt that we were getting our own island-based version, organised by Harbour Lights at The Sefton – happiest of happy days!


I signed up pronto, and my box was delivered (social distance-styley) on Saturday by a smiley chap in a Wiltshire Farm Foods van – which confused the heck out of me and I nearly sent him away, until he explained it was my gin box! 


It was such a treat, packaged beautifully: a bottle of Fynoderee ‘Winter’, a selection of tonics (admittedly not a brand I would ever buy – I am a total tonic snob, soz), some additional mixers for cocktails, an cute garnish pack, a fresh lemon and lime, and some snackage – most of which was scarfed down during our weekly quiz night with the family on Zoom. Chocolate (Green & Blacks and Bournville) and a few savoury snacks – perfect!


Apparently the first box has been such a success that Harbour Lights at The Sefton is going to launch a regular subscription service – the first box was priced at £45, including delivery, which is good value considering the gin alone is £36 from the Fyn shop. 


I will be signing up, for certain. 


My only request is for a different tonic (FeverTree, pretty please!). Having a treat delivered to the house is great in these strange times and you will be supporting a range of local businesses – from Fynoderee in this month’s box, to Harbour Lights, to the local suppliers of the snacks.


I can’t wait to see what is in the next box and am delighted to ‘keep it local’ – if you like your gin, you won’t be disappointed. 

You can order a one of box or sign up at: 

Cheers, bottoms up, and chin chin!

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