Some of our fave press conference moments so far

These times are scary and we’ve found ourselves craving information and comfort, both in equal parts. 

The daily press conferences have become an important part of most of our days. Not only for the updates they provide but for the sense of solidarity we as an island feel during them.

Some of the news being delivered in these briefings is heart wrenching and we really don’t envy the role of those politicians, whose job it is to deliver such sad news to the nation. 

The conferences started off quite tense with some tet-a-tet between Howard and Tim, however, the tone has softened significantly over the weeks as, naturally, everyone has got to know each other – we’re all on first name terms now.

Things have always been pretty unique here on the Isle of Man. We’re an island that has cats with no tails, we don’t say the word r.a.t and we say ‘Hello!’ to the fairies when driving over their bridge, but weird wonders are also present in our press conferences – could you imagine BoJo having banter with the news reporters like HQ and Ashy do?

Here are some of our favourite Manx Press Conference (PC) moments so far. 

The one where Howard called the minister for Health and Social care ‘ASHY’

We know nicknames aren’t for everyone, but we like them and apparently Howard does too!

The one where Paul drank wine

Tbf, there was a two hour delay because Tynwald overran, we ain’t judging Mr Moulton 🍷cheers 🍷

The one where Tim G asked Dr Al if we should all just get baked and chill the f out 

We love hearing Tim’s voice, it takes us back to the TT 

The one where Ashy got Sassy

“It’s nothing to do with the paperwork, PAUL” 💅🏾

Again, the Minister is putting in some serious hours, so he can be forgiven

The one where Booty said he’d nailed a load of hot cross buns


The one where Alf shut down Richard Butt 

Rules also apply to the press conferences. 2 questions only unless you wave in the supplementaries 👋

The one where Paul insisted on a name

We’re sure Peter Fisher never set out to be Manx famous, sorry Pete, but you’ve made the history books 

The one where Laurence introduced Gef as the ‘Dalby Spook’

That Manx accent 👌 We are seriously considering using this as the intro to our upcoming podcast 

The one where Paul waved 


And today we had the one where Ashy was charmed by Amanda

“You’ll have all the data your heart desires tomorrow, Amanda” 💓

On a serious note, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone working hard behind the scenes to make these daily PC’s happen. Especially Justin from ELS and Libby, Aisling and Dave from Greenlight TV.

Not forgetting our peers in the media industry.


4 thoughts on “Some of our fave press conference moments so far”

  1. Love this, we were saying earlier it wont be long before there’ll be ‘nice to see you again Paul. Hows your mums budgie?’ Type conversations

  2. Love it. Thanks for the mention as well. I’m so humbled to be involved in such an important and pivotal role in getting the messages out there to the public. We all know in the studio how important these briefings are to a lot of people and the importance of them. Thankfully the Internet issues that plagued us in the first week have settled. Take care and stay safe gef. X Justin and the team at ELS

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