Here’s your weekly round up of all things GOOD!

Charity Efforts

  • 16-year-old Ella Quayle raised over £2,000 for Noble’s Hospital by shaving her head yesterday during a live stream – Yes, SIXTEEN years old!

  • Jayden Gaines is raising money for the Ramsey Rugby Club Foodbank by cycling 100 miles in two weeks, his Just Giving page is at £1,400 already. Well over his £100 target.

  • Skyler Aitchison is selling her painted rocks in Castletown in exchange for donations to the Isle of Man NHS. 11-year-old Skyler has made £60 so far – Go Skyler!

Social Media Best Bits

Explaining ‘the TikTok’ for Howard

After Howard gave a shoutout to ‘Queen Peggy,’ a 94-year-old from Douglas, at Thursday’s briefing, we thought we’d explain the app for anyone who isn’t as well versed as Peggy. 

TikTok, or ‘the TikTok’ as it has been renamed by the Chief Minister, is a short video focused social media known for its dance trends, lip syncs and sketches. It has over 1.5 billion downloads and is incredibly popular with Gen Zers, although celebs like Justin Bieber and Lizzo are now getting involved. The app has major influence which you’ll notice if you pay attention to the charts which have become dominated by songs made popular on TikTok.

Now Howard is on the case we’ll be expecting a ‘Toosie Slide’ by next week.

Why is Bill Clinton sharing our favourite albums?

Because there obviously hasn’t been enough trends on Instagram to tag and annoy your friends, Bill Clinton has started clogging up everyone’s Insta stories as people post a picture of him holding album covers. The trend is basically to share your four favourite albums and tag friends to do the same, but why the former president of the USA is in the template for that we’re not quite sure.

Streaming Catch-Up

Obviously nobody is able to go to the cinema at the moment so here are Gef’s suggestions for those of us who seem to have watched everything already.

  • This week Netflix has started pushing yet another reality dating show. This one is ‘Too Hot To Handle,’ think Love Island but international and with a rule against ‘bedroom activity.’ If you couldn’t get enough of ‘Love is Blind’ then this may be for you.

  • Anyone who subscribed to Disney+ is probably already watching their Star Wars show ‘The Mandalorian’ but ‘Encore’ may have slipped you by. The show, headed by Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell, brings groups of people back together to recreate their high school musical. Expect emotional reconnections joined by occasionally awful singing.

  • For those looking to encourage their kids away from rewatching Frozen 2 for the 10th time Netflix has just released ‘The Willoughbys.’ The animated film stars big names like Ricky Gervais and Maya Rudolph from Bridesmaids. It’s about a group of kids who become convinced they’d be better off raising themselves and create a plan to get rid of their mean parents. Depending on how your quarantine is going this could be an awful or a great idea to show your children.

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