A Love Letter To Tim Glover’s Voice

This year, instead of counting down to TT we’re all eagerly tuning in to the Government’s daily coronavirus briefings.

While we are becoming somewhat familiar with the various MHKs and their defining characteristics, there’s one voice in the room that just hits differently.

One voice that immediately transports me to the TT pit lane… Tim Glover’s.

Is it actually possible to listen to Tim talk and not find yourself up the grandstand? Hearing his voice, I’m taken to a simpler time… 

I’m walking around the store tents, browsing the merch and swallowing hard when I’m tempted to drop £90 on a kids hoodie – all while donning an iconic TT bucket hat.

I smell onions from burger vans, the waft of second hand smoke, and a lingering note of body odour that is strangely acceptable.

I taste a lukewarm Bushy’s – spilling over the sides of a flimsy plastic pint glass in my right hand.

I hear the rev of bike engines and the sound of “Manx Radio TT” booming from the speakers, when my ears tune into a familiar sound; that ‘Manx as the hills’ accent coming to us live from the pit lane.

Tim Glover’s voice.

So while some of us have no choice but to swap that annual leave for indefinite leave, and one ear headsets for a live streamed broadcast (all in the name of keeping our island safe), I’ll listen to those daily updates and take comfort in Tim’s voice – reminding me that there’ll always be another TT.

#staysafe #stayhome #listentotim

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