Stay at home!… if you have one

To most the message is very clear “stay at home”, but what if you don’t have a home to stay at home in?

More than 200 of our fellow Manxies over the past 12 months have found themselves with no home of their own. Most of us are completely unaware of this because we don’t see people sleeping rough on the streets.

Did you know we have a night shelter for people who have nowhere to go? I didn’t, it’s called Graih. 

There are a growing number of ‘sofa surfers’ brought about by relationship breakdowns, ill health, mental illnesses or job losses that prevent people being able to pay their rent. People from all walks of life, all ages and gender. Covid19 is making things much worse.

Housing Matters is a local charity set up to help people find somewhere to live and to help them make it a home. 508 people registered with Housing Matters in the last year and they desperately need more donations to cope with this level of demand. 

I spoke to one of my besties who needed help a few years ago. She’s young, incredibly resilient and one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. She asked for help and she got it. 

“I was a struggling full time degree student and a single parent. Times were extremely tough but we managed. That is until I had a mental break down and ended up in hospital. Upon leaving hospital, I had to move from a furnished home to an unfurnished one. Housing matters were incredible from start to finish, helping me to source essential furniture, kitchen appliances and providing food for myself and my children in those first few weeks until we got back on our feet. They even provided me with vouchers to take the children out for little treats and a few gifts at Christmas time. I can’t tell you the amount of times a staff member wiped my tears in their office. I never felt like a failure, the staff were compassionate, caring and non judgemental. They really were the light in some of my darkest days.” 

Click here to donate – it’s not too late and every little really does helps.

See you at The Great Manx Tea Party next year! 

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