I don’t know about you, but the thought of running a single marathon is enough to make me want to be locked down with an exercise restriction in place once again. So who would have the audacity to run 19 marathons, on 19 consecutive days? 

Cue Christian Varley! Ironman extraordinaire, former pro cyclist and Isle of Man marathon winner. Pretty impressive credentials, hey? Awe-inspiring to say the least and make me somewhat reconsider my slipper/jammies combo in favour of donning the trainers for a 5k run (maximum 10k) – but not one… let alone nineteen marathons.

So why, we are all asking?

Our Manx endurance fanatic has set himself this staggering challenge to help raise money for the Manx Solidarity Fund, epitomising their call to do our bit, come together and support the Island at this tough time.

As a proud Manxman, Christian’s challenge will help support our beloved island through any social and financial hardship Covid-19 has brought – with all your donations going directly to the fund via his Just Giving page.

If you’ve been lucky enough to meet Christian, his drive would truly blow you away, in this instance though I’m sure you’ll agree with me – you’d basically have to be mad to run 19 marathons consecutively (but hola if you think you could do it and let me know when your just giving page is setup…) I think we’ve got the right man for the job.

If you’d also class yourself as a proud Manxie, a community player and someone fortunate enough not to have felt the financial wrath of Covid-19 now’s the time to reach into those pockets and help support Christian alongside the wonderful work The Manx Solidarity Fund are doing. I’m not even asking you to get off the sofa (let’s be honest, Christian is doing enough running for us all) – just send some virtual support to our running superman, and in turn help bring some peace of mind to those in our Island community who really need it right now. 

Christian’s journey starts in Peel at 12pm on Friday 1st May and he’ll post daily updates of his planned routes one day prior to their undertaking (all will be done whilst complying with social distancing rules of course!) If you see him out and about be sure to give a wave and encouraging nod from 2 metres. Then when you’re home again, that’s the time to donate some dollar.

Follow his journey (and donate!!) via his Just Giving page here!

Chapeau #CV19for19

3 thoughts on “19 MARATHONS IN 19 DAYS”

  1. Good luck Christian!
    We’re delighted that you have chosen to support the Manx Solidarity Fund & we’ll be supporting you all we can in your epic challenge.
    Run Christian Run! 🇮🇲

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