Here’s your weekly round up of all things GOOD!

Community Efforts

Despite the difficult times we are all facing, every week we are amazed at the efforts of so many people in our community to help others.

Here is just some of the incredible work we’ve seen.

  • The Manx Netball Association have put together a ‘Pandemic Parish Equivalent’ to help raise money for the domestic abuse charity Victim Support and the Manx Solidarity Fund. The challenge began yesterday and will see those of its members who volunteered, try to walk and run as much as possible to see how many Parish walk equivalents they can accumulate. Good luck everyone!!

  • This week Gianni Epifani cycled non-stop for 24 hours, covering 480 miles, all in aid of the Isle of Man Foodbank. The distance is about the same as going from Douglas to Liverpool and back three times! Gianni used the cycling app ‘Zwift’ and an indoor bike to complete the effort and bloody hell are we impressed!

  • Felicity Wood Designs has created a beautiful Manx rainbow ceramic tile in support of the Friends of Noble’s Hospital. The first wave of tiles sold out within hours of their release but more are on the way! 

Social Media Best Bits

  • In case you’ve missed it, actor John Krasinski, best known as Jim from The Office (US), has been hosting a weekly news show on YouTube with only positive stories. Every week he highlights his favourite videos and stories and brings his famous friends along to surprise some very deserving members of the public. The show is called ‘Some Good News’ and it’s exactly the sort of positivity many of us need right now!

  • In the latest installment of ‘how to make yourself look strange on Instagram’, one of the biggest trends this week has been the ‘incoherent’ filter. The filter presents you with a random bit of *incoherent* gibberish that, when spoken out loud, sounds like a famous phrase. Despite often making you sound quite odd as you try and figure out the answer, everyone has been getting involved on their stories, even local famous, Samantha Barks had a go.

    Try it yourself by making sense of this one: “tote ali calypso thee art.” – answer at the bottom of the page.

  • On Wednesday night, Spiderman star Tom Holland hosted a massive Marvel quiz night to raise awareness of his ‘Brothers Trust’ charity. The actor also invited fans onto the Instagram live to help with the answers and the whole thing is still available to have a go at on his Instagram profile @tomholland2013 (isn’t it humbling to see someone with 34.8 million followers have such a basic insta handle).

Streaming Catch-Up:

  • If you’ve been looking for a new show to binge as we all slowly melt into our couches, then fear not! All 6 seasons of the US comedy ‘Community’ are now available on Netflix.

    The series is known for its bizarre and inventive storylines as well as its unique style of sarcastic and parodying humour – it was also one of the early big roles for many stars like Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and Alison Brie, from Glow. If you haven’t seen this show before and like comedies such as The Office and Parks and Recreation then definitely check it out!

  • For those looking to make sense of the current situation, Netflix has also got you covered. The first episode of ‘Coronavirus explained’ dropped this week and looks to give viewers a better insight into how the world got into the situation we find ourselves in. The streaming service is planning to bring more episodes out throughout the summer.

  • If you’ve been locked in with kids during quarantine, first of all, keep up the good work! You’ve probably felt like you’ve exhausted all the Disney and DreamWorks movies so the recommendation I’ve got for kids this week is, and hear me out here, Labyrinth.

    The ‘David Bowie singing with puppets’ masterpiece is now available on Netflix and chances are, your kids haven’t seen this 80s classic – yet! It’s definitely worth a try if you feel like a bit of nostalgic escapism to distract your young ones.

    Keep an eye out on our website for more ideas to keep your kids entertained (for free) – coming soon! 

Baking Disasters:

A new segment on the weekly roundup, we want to see your baking fails! Everyone is baking at the moment and we know that not all of us are naturals at it – but we want to celebrate your disasters! We’d love to see your messy and ‘not quite to plan’ bakes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tag us or use the hashtag #GefBakingDisaster. If you’d rather not publicly out yourself, you can DM us too.

We’ll feature our favourites here every week – for all of the world to see!

Incoherent Answer – Total Eclipse of the Heart

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