Isolation Creations

If you’ve got kids or friends who have kids, I bet your newsfeed is full of creative things to do at home while school’s out and we’re on lock down. But us grownups need a creative outlet too. You don’t have to go out and buy loads of fancy new art supplies, use what you’ve got. 

Having a wardrobe clearout?

You can’t pop to the chazza to drop your unloved clothes at the mo, but you can make them into something new!  Cut your old threads into one long strip to make ‘rag yarn’. Tie the ends together and once you’ve got a nice big roll, the possibilities are endless! Anything you can make with wool you can make with this bad boy! A macrame hanger for your plant babies, or a lovely big macrame wall hanging, a giant dream catcher using an old hoola hoop, great big giant pom poms! You can even arm knit with this stuff! If your feeling a bit extra, you could make a simple loom and learn how to weave. We used some to give our vintage rocking horse a new hair do! YouTube tutorials are awesome for learning a new skill, get on it!

Pro tip – be thoughtful of your fabric type and what you want to use it for, jersey stretches and fine fabric frays. 

Rag YarnRag Yarn

Rag Yarn CreationsRag Yarn Creations


Got paint? 

Most of us have bought a printed canvas from Next or TKMaxx (oh TKMaxx ❤️). If you’re bored of looking at it or you’ve got one hidden away ready to sell, just paint over it! Use any old leftover house paint to begin with, a couple of coats will do. Now you’ve got a blank canvas to play with. Blank canvases are scary, but now is the time to give it a go! If you’re hunkering down with a tribe, try a communal painting, so fun! We use acrylic, but use what ever you have. You could also use newspaper or magazines to make a collage. I promise it will be something you treasure forever.

Pro tip – have a look on Pinterest for a step by step guide to printing photos on tissue paper using your home printer. 

Step away from the chalk paint! 

Resist the urge to paint all your furniture in chalk paint… if you’ve not got a canvas to paint, be brave and paint wall, a cupboard, a plant pot. You can even buy acrylic markers these days and use them to customise your shoes! If you’re going to be super brave and paint a mural, sketch it out first on paper, then on the wall before you paint. We’ve loved seeing everyone’s rainbows, do more they’re ace!

Pro tip – a piece of string can help you get the perfect rainbow arches, use it like a big compass. Have a google, you’ll see what I mean! 




Flower power

Pressed flowers are everywhere at the moment, save your pennies and do it yourself. You DO NOT need a flower press, just some heavy books will do. Lay the flower between a couple of loo roll sheets (if you can spare them) and trap it between pages of a book. If your flowers are chunky, best to pop some paper between the tissue and page on each side to protect your book. Then just pile some more books on top and then wait. The time depends on the flower and how heavy you’ve managed to make your press, but leave for at least 2 weeks before you have a peek.

Pro tip – if you’re going to glue your flowers to something, don’t go OTT with the glue, especially Pva, it’ll rehydrate your flowers and they‘ll lose their lovely colour. Oh and UV jewellery resin actually works you guys! 

Foliage bashing

This is really cool if you’ve got some pale coloured fabric or an old shirt you can spare… oh and a hammer. Collect some leaves, lay them out in a nice pattern on a piece of paper and secure them with a bit of glue or rolled up tape. Lay your fabric over the top. Now get your hammer and gently bash the fabric where there is a leaf underneath. It’s quite noisy so probably best to do it outside! You’ll see the colour start to come through on to the fabric, don’t lift it up until you’ve bashed them all! Cotton works best, nothing stretchy, once you’re done, pop it in a frame or wash it and do another one!

Pro tip – try it flowers too, you’ll have to be a bit more gentle with the hammer! Pansies work well. 

Doodle oodles 

Do not underestimate the power of a doodle! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, taking a little time out with pen and paper can be just what you need. You don’t have to be able to draw to make an awesome doodle. Have a skeet on insta for mandala inspo. If you like colouring in, ask you’re isolation buddy to doodle you something to colour.

Pro tip – sharpies on tiles/mugs baked in the oven, google it. 

Give it a go! 

Now is the perfect time to have a go at doing something new or challenging. Collect seaglass or pebbles and make a picture, find an app that creates printable wordart for free, use an old scrabble set to make a family tree. If you’ve got a sewing machine gathering dust, get it out! Use the water colour set you got for Christmas, if you bought a 3D pen for funzies, use it! 

We’d love to see what you’ve been making at home during lockdown. Please send pics!

If anyone would like any advice or tips on anything arty farty, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help x


Isolation CreationIsolation Creation


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