There are a few changes to the press conferences coming into play. 

The game plan is still the same: listen, ask questions, listen some more, ask some more, but as of today, the schedule and reporting set up is changing.

Here’s the situ- 

Tuesdays have been cut

They were becoming a tad painful because the lads were busy in Tynwald all day but it was leaving the press and the public hanging around for an extra two hours. 

This means Tuesdays, Saturday and Sundays now rest days.

The press are being split into two teams 

The more government scrutiny the merrier in our opinion, however, the conferences were becoming LONG. 

The first team, otherwise known as the ‘A Team’ will be repping on Mondays and Fridays. 

And the combination team will have their chance to shine on Wednesdays and Thursday.

So who made what squad…

A Team: Gef, Three FM, MTTV, BBC

And in the combi we have: Manx Radio, Energy FM, Business 365 and ITV.

We’re anticipating a big one this afternoon as Howie committed to updating us on GATHERINGS.

Tune in with Gef at 4pm or wait for our update to follow. 

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