You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s temporarily closed due to COVID-19. 

TK Maxx. A modern-day treasure chest. A store akin to Jurby Junk (RIP) with a touch of finesse and more labels. My favourite Strand Street establishment. 

Oh, how I miss you TK. Like the deserts miss the rain.

The number of lunch hours I’ve dwindled, sniffing candles, stroking blankets, rifling through the rails of ‘designer’ clothing (who knew I would NEED a factory second from Zara’s AW ’14 season? Not me, but here I am, in the hypothetical queue, ready to part with my hard-earned cash)

You have to be in the TK Maxx mood, don’t you? There’s been many an occasion I’ve walked through those pearly automatic doors and swiftly turned back on myself. You do NOT want to go in there when you’re not in the zone or you will NOT enjoy the experience. 

I tell you what though, I am in the mood right now and have been since their untimely COVID closure on Thursday 19th March. It’s safe to say – I was not ready to say goodbye.

I think we can all agree, the range of goods on offer in there will forever be unrivalled and it’s that that I miss most.

Where else can you walk in with no real need for anything and come out with a discontinued eyeshadow palette, a questionably-scented handwash set (Lavender & tobacco? Get in my BASKET), a box of Italian truffles, a Himalayan pink salt grinder, several pairs of hiking socks, a console table, a carrier case for a *singular* banana, a dog-bed, a tiny saucepan made for one portion of baked beans ONLY and a pair of wheelies for the kids that you don’t even have?


The place turns you into an overly-eager magpie, but instead of shiny things, you’re just attracted to random, unnecessary but PURE. GOLD. TAT. AND I LOVE IT!

Need a baby shower gift? TK Maxx!

Wanna spruce up your house? TK Maxx!

Looking for somewhere to pass the hours on a rainy day? Say it with me now…TK MAXX!


They’ve recently started accepting orders on their website between the hours of 9 and 11 each day. You join an online queue and they let you through their virtual doors when they’re ready for you, if you’re lucky.

I managed to get on the other day in an attempt to feel the HIT and the time pressure got to me, I ended up ordering a pack of 6 expensive felt-tips (????). To be fair, they arrived yesterday and they are VERY good; blendable, enjoyable to use. Another 10/10 purchase from TK. Never expected less.

I long for the day when you open your beautiful, non-essential shop doors again TK Maxx, and I promise I will never, ever, take you and your treasures for granted again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Post COVID-19, it’s going to be even more important that we support our small local businesses, so once you’re over the initial excitement and you’ve had your TK Maxx FILL, please do consider buying your gifts, trinkets & oversized CLOCKS from a MANX business.

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