Extraordin-elderly People

Bob and Peggy have a lot in common: as well as being in their 90’s, they have both raised incredible amounts for money for charities on the Isle of Man recently. 

Our very own Manx Captain Tom Moore, 93 year old Bob Corkish raised £21,980 for the Friends of Nobles by walking 100 laps of the Southlands residential home. To put that into perspective, that’s the same as walking roughly 2.35 laps of the Southern 100 course! Who needs the TT when you’ve got Bob? Peggy, not to be outdone, is a sensation on “The Tiktok” as Howard put it (I’m starting to think that Peggy might be more in touch with the kids than Howie). Peggy Scarfe, 96, has raised more than £2,000 for Friends of Nobles by making TikToks which her family have shared for her.

Not only have they stayed fit and healthy during a global pandemic, they’ve also lived through a world war!  They have the ultimate bragging rights.

Both Bob and Peggy said that the wartime spirit felt during WW2 is similar to the spirit on the Isle of Man recently. Everyone is coming together as a community and they both appreciate that people are kind enough to look out for them. Lockdown hasn’t been easy, though; Bob said that the hardest thing about this situation was not being able to see family and friends, and Peggy misses talking to her friends that she used to see regularly. Despite this, Bob manages to keep himself entertained by swapping stories with the staff and residents of Southlands and Peggy tries to phone her friends as much as possible. Bob even loves to sing to everyone for some night-time entertainment! Multi-talented. 

Seeing as they’ve been in this world for a long time, I figured they’d have some pretty solid advice for us all during this pandemic, and they did not disappoint. Bob said: “Hold on, we can get through this by helping each other and look forward to better days. Stay in, keep safe and together we will get there.” Peggy added “make sure to keep in contact with friends and family so you don’t become too isolated. Listen to some positive news each day to keep your spirits up.” If I were you, I’d follow that advice. You want to be as incredible as Bob and Peggy, right?

Even before this, aged 86 and registered blind, Bob walked 11 miles of the Parish Walk! (Our daily Joe Wicks workouts don’t seem quite as impressive now). Peggy is “so young at heart” and the fact that she is able to connect with the young people and create such a sense of togetherness is so very much needed at the moment.  In all seriousness, in a time of uncertainty like this, especially for those that the virus affects the most, people like Bob and Peggy are a real inspiration. Petition for Peggy and Bob to become Manx royalty?

You can donate to their amazing causes here:



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