Gef’s Ultimate Spectator Guide: Not the TT 2020

The ‘Senior Race Day’ ritual seems like a distant memory as we approach the end of – what would have been – TT week 2020. Grabbing the tinnies and pre-made sarnies, pitching up for the day in a random field at 6am, getting those pre-race butterflies as Manx Radio TT plays AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’, and then finishing the week off in the tent to ‘Jesus is a Friend of Mine’. Oh, the nostalgia (I’m not crying, you are).

Well, have no fear, because the guys over at Manx Solidarity Fund have set up the charity challenge, ‘Not the TT 2020’ which will still feature some of your favourite TT riders, the infamous course, and a pint (or 6) – drinking responsibly, obvs. Info on how to donate to your fave team here.

As we, unfortunately, can’t be at the Grandstand this year, we’ve been keeping close tabs on the pubs which are defo open around the course, so you don’t have to. Gather up (10 of) the troops (at a social distance please), time your pints wisely, and get ready for the most memorable day in the not TT calendar. 

Disclaimer: Howie and the IOM govt still have that licensing in place which dictates that you have to have a ‘substantial meal’ with your bev – and no Dave, a pint of lager and a packet of crisps doesn’t count.

not the TT.jpgnot the TT.jpg

Glen Helen

Location: North of Ballacraine

Opening Times: N/A  // Peloton Due: Just after 1.50pm onwards – 

FYI: Elevated view of all the action, and there’s a cracking glen to explore afterwards if you fancy it.

Sulby Glen

Location: Main Road, Sulby, IM7 2HR

Opening times: 12-3pm and 5.30-8.30pm // Peloton Due: 2.40 pm onwards –

Food Rating: “Top Notch”

FYI: The pub has roadside seating, and landlady, Rosie Sayle, will be out cheering on her son Dan and his team mate Emily Looker in the race.

The Ginger Hall

Location: Sulby, IM7 2HB

Opening Times: 12-10pm // Peloton Due: 2.40 pm onwards –

Food Rating: “A mean Chicken Pad Thai”

FYI: Equipped with a bevvie van (AKA Freddie’s Bar); their beer garden is perfect for social distancing and keeping warm by the fire until closing


The Creg

Location: Creg-Ny-Baa, IM4 5BP

Opening Times: 12-7pm // Peloton Due: 3.50pm onwards –

Food Rating: “Give me all the Fish and Chips”

FYI: Get your table booked fast for one of the best spots on the TT course with ‘alfresco dining’ – ooh you’re posh.

The Bottom of your Garden

Location: If you live on the TT course

Opening Times: When the peloton comes past your house (see map below for more info)

Food Rating: “This sausage roll is bang average”

FYI: A glass of ‘It’s Howard O’Clock’ Wine is advised but not compulsory

And remember, to get completely behind the teams and for them to win this year’s ‘Not the TT 2020’ is down to the amount of money they raise. To see your favourite team ride to victory, donate, donate, donate

See you on the course, yessir!

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