Here’s your weekly round up of all things GOOD!

Community Efforts

  • Throughout lockdown, Gareth and Sammi Farrell have been cooking up meals to delivery to vulnerable people throughout the Island community. After losing her job to the pandemic, Sammi decided she wanted to help others in a similar situation and set up the IOM Community Meal Donations page on Facebook. This week they are finishing their service as the Island begins to properly open up again, but throughout the lockdown they have supplied around 1,900 meals to people in the community. The effort was supported by a fundraising effort of over £1,800 and many food donations. They also donated 500 Easter eggs in April to those at the IOM Prison, St Christopher’s, Noble’s Children’s Wards, the Noble’s Staff and Residential Care Homes. Such an amazing effort can not be applauded enough but this definitely deserves a shoutout for everything that has been done to help others, a true example of Manx community goodwill. Thank you Sammi and Gareth!

  • If you were missing the buzz of senior race day on Friday then you may have been watching the ‘Not the TT 2020’. Local TT riders and cyclists paired up to take on the course and compete to raise the most money. The conditions were typically #MANX with wind and rain most of the way around. But that didn’t stop them, all teams completed the 37.73 mile course and the current total sits at £19,161 – an amazing amount of money raised for the Manx Solidarity Fund. The winners are the team who raise the most money and it’s not over yet! They have until next Sunday (21st) to keep fundraising. If you’d like to get behind a team, you can find a list of all their JustGiving pages here.

Online Best Bits

  • Now that we’re moving towards being able to have parties again, you’re going to need something to soundtrack those reunions. Thanks to the BBC Sounds app you may just have something perfect. Radio 1 movie critic Ali Plumb has been curating playlists using some of his favourite songs from the movies. Whilst there are some playlists looking at musical movies, such as the two Disney selections, most of the playlists are focussed around a theme such as 00’s movies, driving films and feel good music. Perfect for a party or even just taking the dog for a walk, all 15 playlists can be found here.

  • I don’t think it’s a stretch to say most of us have, at some point, imagined being a Jedi Knight. Well the people at Lucasfilm were obviously well aware of this when they created their new Youtube show ‘Jedi Temple Challenge.’ The show is similar to classics like ‘It’s a Knockout’ or the CBBC show ‘Raven’ with different teams tasked with various Jedi inspired challenges. The show is hosted by a CGI free Ahmed Best in a welcome return to the franchise after his tough time playing the controversial Jar Jar Binks. You can find the first two episodes of this sure to be kid favourite on the Star Wars Kids youtube channel.

Streaming Round-Up

  • In case you were worried about running out of films to watch on Netflix before cinemas opened up again, you can rest easy with the release of ‘Da 5 Bloods’ on Friday. The Spike Lee film follows a group of Vietnam war veterans who return to the country in order to find the remains of their squad leader from the war and the treasure they buried during their time there. With some great reviews across the board, this is one you definitely need to add to your watchlist.

  • A show that truly fits the goal of Gef’s Good News, this week Netflix released the 5 series of their show Queer Eye last week. If you somehow haven’t already seen this makeover show then you have been missing out. The show follows various ‘heroes’ from all different backgrounds, this series includes a gay pastor and an out of luck dog groomer, as they undergo a week of transformation, guided by the Fab Five. As well as physical change, with a home renovation from Bobby and a fashion and grooming update from Tan and Jonathan, the heroes also find themselves looking deeper to overcome personal challenges. Almost guaranteed to make you cry (of happiness, don’t worry), this show proves that despite our differences, our problems are often no more than a conversation away from being solved.

  • In a similar vein, Amazon Prime Video released its teen spy series ‘Alex Rider’. Also based on a book series, you may remember this young spy from the movie ‘Stormbreaker,’ partially filmed right here on our little island. Although this new series unfortunately does not feature the rock, it still promises an intriguing adventure as Alex investigates the mysterious Point Blanc, a school for the troubled children of billionaires which may not be as well meaning as it seems.

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