While summer holidays abroad continue to look uncertain, Visit Isle of Man is encouraging Islanders to look for adventure and discovery much closer to home, with its #ManxGem photography campaign offering a Staycation up to the value of £750 to the competition’s winner at any property listed here on our extraordinary Island.

As the ‘lockdown’ changed the cadence of daily urban life, it not only shined a light on emboldened animals that usually prefer to remain hidden but us, too, as it liberated flora and fauna to enjoy newly depopulated landscapes. We adjusted to a schedule so suddenly void of physical interaction and filled it with exploration of the Island’s hidden beauty. 

As a UNESCO Biosphere nation, here in the Isle of Man, adjusting to the new normal has perhaps been a gentler experience than our mainland counterparts, with our much-less-crowded coastline, plantations, and countryside providing some mental and emotional relief from the anxiety of the previous months: even when everything seemed so uncertain and topsy-turvy, the sight of meadows turning yellow with buttercups, or the spectacle of dolphins in Port Erin Bay, confirms that the Island’s wildlife is still unfolding roughly as it should.

It is this love and new-found appreciation of the Island’s hidden beauty that has prompted Visit Isle of Man to launch its latest campaign. 

We all know that the Island is well-known for its rugged coastline, its beautiful beaches, and its picturesque fishing towns, but the campaign aims to highlight the beauty that isn’t screamingly obvious.

And they’re talking real hidden beauty. Yes, Peel Castle is an amazing feat in Norse construction, and the Lady Isabella holds the title of the world’s largest working waterwheel. Still, the competition is looking for a hidden #ManxGem, the kind of spot you accidentally stumble upon and wonder whether you’re the first Manxie to ever step foot in such a place (note: if it’s got its own Wikipedia page, you’re probably on the wrong track).  

The campaign’s aim is to view and promote the Island through the lens of the extraordinary Islanders who know it the best: you, reading this. So what are you waiting for? If there’s an often-unexplored trail on your favourite walk, a hidden cove that’s inaccessible via road, or just a dreamy stargazing spot that not many know about, Visit Isle of Man wants to hear from you.

They’re looking for promotional-worthy shots that would make someone sit up and think ‘damn, that’s a place I want to visit’. So, while that photo you took of your gran looking hella cute with ice cream all over her precious face might tug on the heartstrings, it’s sadly not going to cut it from a promo point of view. Savage, I know, but I don’t make the rules.

The winner of the #ManxGem campaign will be selected after the competition close on August 31st 2020 and will receive up to £750 to spend on staycation accommodation in September/October/November

And entering couldn’t be easier.

1. Simply share a photo of your hidden Manx Gem on your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter, and include the hashtag #ManxGem in the caption. (Photos without the hashtag will not be able to be entered into the competition)

2. Head over to visitisleofman.com/manxgems to submit your contact details and select the photo you’ve just uploaded and would like to enter.

You may enter more than one photo throughout the period of the campaign.

The participant grants Visit Isle of Man an irrevocable, non-exclusive, free of charge license to copy, modify, edit, adapt, publish, reproduce, display, distribute, or otherwise use the submitted photos in any future marketing materials (digital and print). In particular, the participant acknowledges and agrees that submitted photos may be published on the Visit website, used in promotional material and social media accounts, and that Visit may edit or alter the images (e.g. cropping or addition of image, music, or sound effects). The participant warrants that it has the rights necessary to grant the license set out in this clause. The participant agrees to waive all moral rights in the use of the submitted photos.

This article is sponsored by the Isle of Man Government.


  1. Will there be an acknowledgement to the person who took the photo when you continue to use them in your future marketing?

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