Brace yourselves Manxies, it’s gonna be HOT today!


  • Head to to Ramsey and order some fresh af Gelato from the Gelatory.

  • Anything above 10 degrees, get the sun cream out. And no, not the factor 4 oil, we’re talking SPF 50, kids!

  • Get the BBQ out of long-term storage, give her a clean and head to Riley’s for 6 months worth of charcoal and firelighters (ever the optimist)

  • Get yourself down the Quay for a sesh. ‘It’s a school day though?’ …WHO CARES! If you’re not there at 5pm sharp on that little strip the sun hits when the sun’s out, are you even MANX?

  • Head to Peel to build a sandcastle (steal a spade off your child if necessary)

  • BBQ some MANX kippers… persevere when it starts to rain

  • Go paddle-boarding down Port Erin, and finish off with some after drinks at Foraging Vintners

  • Get your offensively pasty Manx legs out… they need some vit D

  • Stock up on some Dark Fruits and get the Arctic Monkeys on. Glasto might not be happening right now but you can still have those ~FeStIvAL ViBeS~

  • Locate your nearest beer garden. Head straight to said beer garden. Remain at said beer garden until it closes

  • Resurrect last year’s WhatsApp group, simply named ‘BBQ’, send a message with a simple combination of a burger and a beer emoji

  • Be prepared to talk about the weather at work ALL DAY for the remainder of the week. Cue quotes like; ‘I heard it was going to be 500 degrees tomorrow’ ‘HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!’

  • Meet your mates for a Boots Meal Deal on the prom (beware of the shite-hawks)

  • Walk to work looking smug as f*ck in your sunnies

  • Psyche yourself for the Disney World like crowds if you brave the ‘water park’ in Ramsey with kids

  • Take off aforementioned sunnies as the sun f*cks off 5 mins in


  • Complain it’s too hot – please, just let us have this

  • Get the budgy smugglers out on Peel beach, or any beach for that matter

  • Wear colours that will clash with your majestic sunburn, we’re talking, pinks, reds and ‘salmon’

  • Wear shorts for the rest of the week, even when the inevitable happens and the temperatures return to sub 10 degrees

  • Post a shit picture of the sun with the caption ‘What’s that yellow ball in the sky?” It was a little bit funny the first time we saw it, BACK IN 2012

  • Go for a swim in the Mooragh Lake to cool down – one word, eels