Tynwald Day your way 

It’s pretty obvious that right now has to be one of the best time to be Manx. There’s a real sense of community around, from beachside BBQs, playgrounds full of screaming children and that queue outside the Outback. Unfortunately, thanks to everything that’s going on, we won’t all be able to fully celebrate our national day on July 6th as most of the festivities have been cancelled. 

You can still go see the traditional ceremony but you’ll have to wait another year to watch all the local talent, try out the local food on offer and grind wheat at the Viking village, a personal highlight for us anyway.

Here at Gef, we don’t think that a pandemic should stop you from going hard on Tynwald Day, especially after all we’ve been through to get here. So we’ve put together this guide for how you can celebrate the sh*t out of the most MANX day of the year and everything unique about our isle, even without the usual fair.

Make some Manx FOOD

No Tynwald Day party is complete with some themed food. Obviously, you can get out your grandma’s bonnag recipe, crack open the Manx Knobs or whip together our national dish (chips, cheese and gravy obvs), but why not mix things up with some more ‘out of the box’ ideas. We’ve got you covered with…

Give the frozen chicken nuggets a miss this time and make yourself an edible Tynwald Hill, we promise you’ll have everyone going home saying “that was a good one wasn’t it, yessir.”

Did you know it’s courgette season? Well now you do. If you’ve got a load of the green things lying around, now’s the time to bake ‘em into a cake! Here’s Cook with G’s Courgette & Lime Tynwald Day Cake!

Belt out the greatest anthem ever with the rest of the nation 

There is nothing more patriotic than belting out the national anthem, and thankfully ours is a certified tune – certified by us at least. Any Manxie will know the chills up your spine you get when you hear those first notes and “O’ land of our birth.” We want to get everyone feeling super patriotic, which is why we’re organising the ‘Big Manx National Anthem Singalong’ on our national day. Go to the event section on our Facebook page to join in, and if you somehow don’t know the words then you better get practising.

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Dress Up 

Halloween may be a few months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up now. For a Manx themed costume, the options are endless; Ashy, a Viking, the Three Legs, even Tynwald Hill, this is where you can get creative. We don’t want to guide you all the way there but here are a few ideas if you’re completely stuck:

  • A Manx Cat: This one is especially easy if you already have a cat costume. All you need to do is stick on some cat ears, dress in all black and you’ve got yourself a Manx cat costume.

  • Douglas Promenade: For this one just spend way longer then it should actually take to put on a grey t-shirt and some grey jeans that are horribly over-expensive. For the full effect, make sure you get in everybody’s way as you do it.

  • Manannan’s Cloak: All you need for this is a white sheet to put over your head and an empty bottle of disinfectant that you can fill with water to spray people as your ‘sea mist.’

We also want to challenge anyone to come up with either a costume of our very own Gef the Talking Mongoose or, and this one is a bit tricky, Gef’s choice for the national dish, Chips Cheese and Gravy. We’re not entirely sure how this could be done but we trust the creative minds of the great Manx public to pull something together.

Make sure to tag us in your MANX costume photos on social media, no matter what outfit you end up with, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Learn some Manx dancing 

You may think that your usual go-to of ‘stepping forward and then stepping back again’ is a good enough dance for the rest of the year, but Tynwald Day deserves something special. Make this year the one where you finally learn a bit of our traditional dancing style. In this video, you can see the Chyndaa Yn Bwoailley, or return the blow. Have a practice of this one and you’ll be giving Beyonce a run for her money by the end of it, who knew Manx dancing could be so sassy?

We want to see your best videos of this traditional dance. If there’s someone you’ve been dying to (fake) slap for a while, maybe there’s some pent up lockdown frustrations that needs letting out, now’s the time! All in the name of tradition, of course.


If you thought we’d forget about drinks suggestions then you clearly don’t read enough on Gef. There are so many delicious Manx drinks you can easily get your hands on for Tynwald Day, from Fynodeere gin, Cronk y Voddy vodka to a pint of Okell’s or Odin’s. Take an Isle of Man challenge and stick to Manx drinks on Tynwald Day this year, preferably bought from your local pub!

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  1. The Chips, Cheese and Gravy dish sounds very much like poutine which is very popular in Quebec, but the written word poutine only dates back about 40 years, I think. Has this dish been popular on the island for a long time? I’m wondering if somehow a Manxman took it to Canada.

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