Manx Music – Tunes of Tynwald

Tunewald Day, no? Sorry – Tunes of Tynwald.

Here’s some choons from Manxies who have glittered our lives with song.

Bee Gees – Night Fever

Suppose we should’ve really added their version of Ellen Vannin, but Night Fever’s the one.

If there’s one thing us Manxies are good at it’s claiming everything and anything that is Manx. So who cares if they grew up in Manchester, they were born at the Jane! Them boys are MANX AS THE HILLS YESSIR.

Davy Knowles – Ain’t No Grave

Davy is a Manx Blues Rock artist formerly of the Castle Rushen HS formed band, Back  Door Slam. Well, this guy really is one of our own. Touring all the way to the States and back to Port St Mary.

Mannin Folk – Laxey Wheel

The national anthem of the Manx State of Laxey. Mannin Folk released multiple albums and well, some are still playing today. That’s right, Marlene Maska MLC still frequents some singing and even songs like “The Iron Pier” sang entirely in Manx Gaelic.

Twisted Angles – LA

I remember this band making a guest appearance at my primary school and well they blew the roof off. This video also contains Norman Wisdom, so yeah they did it right.

The Heights – Boom Boom

I can’t confess to know much about this band, if I’m being totally honest, but any inclusion of some brass instruments is a winner for me.

Time to look at a current of up and coming Manx artists…

3 Million – Little Mona

Heading to more recent times we look at the Peel formed band, 3 Million. A tremendous live playing band, a personal favourite of mine is “Dirt” 

Mae Challis – Equal

Mae won The Next Big Thing back in 2014 and she’s gone from strength to strength releasing a host of her own music. This song was released amongst the current events of the BLM movement.

Hamish Faragher – My My Lady

Another young artist from our fair Isle. A Singer/Songwriter who plays a variety of indie-rock songs, releasing his own. He reminds me a lot of Paolo Nutini with the rugged voice.

The Tides – It Takes Two

The Ramsey based band with members, who no longer actually live in Ramsey, are a band that can really brighten up a venue with their upbeat sets. Covers to their own songs they get people dancing and feeling good.

There’s so many more talented bands and artists on-island. Pigs on the Wing, Buncha Skankers and even Little Miss Dynamite. All of them bring their own style to the table. These are only songs with YouTube videos so there are some notable absences! Let us know which Manx bands/artists we’ve missed off this list!

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