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Credit: Douglas Borough CouncilCredit: Douglas Borough Council

Credit: Douglas Borough Council


“As an 80s kid, I remember it as Griddles. Living in Ramsey, it’d be a big day out to Dougy for one of their burgers. I vividly remember one time getting on the bus feeling like the dog’s bollocks, wearing my new Adidas jacket. The 30 minute journey proved too much for my sensitive stomach and by the time we pulled into Lord Street I’d chundered all down myself. Too embarrassed to walk off the bus with my sick soaked jacket, I shoved it under the seat and left it. My vision of walking into Griddles looking cool, gone, in a wretch.

The reason I wanted to look cool wasn’t because I was from Ramsey and I felt like I had something to prove, but because everyone had something to prove. Griddles was the place to go on the weekend. The pressure of walking into the Island’s biggest youth centre was overwhelming, so much so that I’d practice my order in my head on the way in. I knew the decision of ‘where tf am I going to sit??’ would be enough anxiety for one day, let alone trying to work out what my (now empty) stomach wanted.”

Back in 2018 we put together this recipe on how to recreate Griddles’ signature dish – the BIG GRID if you fancy recreating a classic

Searching through the Manx nostalgia pages and even some forums created for the place, there are some gems.

“Griddles, happy days with my friends there. I do feel bad though as I never did like gherkins and used to fling them onto the windows / ceiling to see how many days they would stay there. I think a week was the record”

It’s weird to look back on these pics and remember a time when you could smoke inside!

That wallpaper though…

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Credit: Ryan Kelly

KFC – 2002-2016



“As a 90s kid, my memory of the building is KFC. I remember the pure jealousy I felt when my sister (about 4 y/o at the time) came home one day telling me our Nan had taken her into town to watch Norman Wisdom himself cut the ribbon on the new fried chicken building. It’s still one of her fondest memories (ironic that now she’s vegan and I’m a vegetarian)”

The heyday of KFC was short-lived. It seems the overwhelming majority of memories of that place are that is was… grubby. And there were some weird, weird rumours about it. Did people live upstairs? Was it a brothel?? We may never know…

Some more searching of Manx Facebook pages informs us that before this site was home to the fast food eateries, it was home to ‘Kissacks, MGM, Tossie Cowins, RC Cains the haberdashery and Gellings Foundry’ anyone remember them? 

We’d love to hear your memories of all the businesses this site has been home to – and photos if you have them!

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