Dr Al popped into Gef HQ today to record an exciting podcast that’ll be coming soon.

While he was in, we grabbed 10 minutes of his time to ask some questions about the teacher pay dispute and basically figure out wtf has been going on.

We know your time is precious so here are timestamps of the questions so you can skip through to the parts you wanna know about:

  • 0:04 What was the situation when you became minister?

  • 1:26 What were the conflicting positions of the unions?

  • 2:52 Going forward, are you aiming for a more proactive approach on communications with the unions?

  • 4:03 Do you have direct communications with the unions or do you hear things via the media

  • 5:26 What was the sentiment amongst the teachers?

  • 6:29 Wtf is going on in the UK? And what is our connection with them?

  • 8:11 What are the timescales for the next stages?

  • 9:00 What conditions do you want for the teachers?

Hello, World!

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