Picture this: you’ve spent the day at the beach at Playa del Vintners, glowing after several hours in the sun/on the booze and now, it’s time to leave. *sobs*

Trying to brush the sand off your feet is hard enough when you’re sober but when you’re half cut or if you’re trying to wrestle with an uncooperative child who refuses to leave the beach it can be a challenge to say the least.

Providing a solution to the problem of ‘I have sand in every orifice’ and ‘ouch! you’re scratching me, mummy!’ is Beach Powder. 

So where did it all start?

We Manxies love the beach, don’t we? – Spending time there is my favourite thing to do – but having to get all the sand off my daughters after a day at the beach was always a nightmare. Either I’d be rubbing their feet with a towel that was usually sandy itself, or getting them to stand on one foot while I poured cold water on the other foot, only for them to put their foot right back in the sand again *facepalm emoji* 

So, a couple of years ago I set about inventing a natural, talc-free product that would get rid of sand from the skin instantly!  

It took me about a year of researching to come up with the perfect blend of plant and mineral powders. For a while, my kitchen was permanently covered in a fine layer of white powder. Luckily, no one ever reported me to the drug squad.

Then I came up with the idea of adding a mineral-based sparkle to the powder and Beach Powder shimmer was born! Kids and adults alike love the shimmery version because, who doesn’t love to shine, especially after a day in the sun! 

Looking at the product, it looks like baby powder. Is it talc?

No! It’s completely talc-free. I’d read so much about talcum powder containing asbestos and then Johnson & Johnson kept getting sued by women claiming that talcum powder caused their cancer.  I’m so glad I was determined to make my products talc-free because now Johnson & Johnson has completely stopped selling talc in the USA as a result of all the lawsuits. The fact that Beach Powder does not contain talcum powder is a major selling-point for my customers.

Ok, you’ve sold it to us. But you’ve also sold it to others right? You’ve gone international!

Yeah, so Beach Powder is sold on-island in independent retailers such as 7th Wave in Port Erin, Claire Christian Couture in Douglas, the Manx Wildlife Trust Shop in Peel and The Shed in Laxey but we also have around 100 retail stockists around the world. 

How far are we talking?

The USA? Kenya? They’re pretty far, right? And we’re stocked across the UK too.  Oh yeah and we’ve just confirmed a new stockist in the Bahamas! It’s in a department store in a resort that was co-founded by Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods, amongst others. 

Are you saying you’re mates with JT?

I haven’t actually been chatting to Justin just yet but I’ve asked the stockist to send photos of the products in the shop, so yeah, he may be a Beach Powder customer soon.

Ok, we’re officially impressed. Speaking of JT vacationing in the Bahamas, even some of the world’s most iconic stars have been in lockdown with us all these last few months… How have you found the pandemic has impacted business?

Pre-pandemic, we were looking forward to Beach Powder being everyone’s hot holiday must-have this year.  But then no one got to go on holiday!  Business from the USA has been booming though – my stockists are mostly right on the beach so it’s selling really well there – and I’m getting lots of reorders from our UK stockists now too.  With the staycation proving so popular and the Isle of Man boasting such beautiful beaches I’m hoping to see Beach Powder do well here this year as well!

If you’re getting yourself down Playa Del Vintners this weekend, you can check out Beach Powder at the beach hut. They’ll be stocking their original and shimmer product and like any good pandemic ready retailer, they take contactless.

Thanks to Amoré du Plessis Photography for the images.

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