Manx Micro-trends of Lockdown

As the memories of lockdown begin to fade, as do the many weird and wonderful trends which corona brought with it. With so many shared experiences, who’d have thought a global pandemic would have made us more connected than ever?

Here we have highlighted what we think are 10 of the most common micro-trends you most likely partook in but have probably long forgotten even existed. Leave your comments about any more Manx trends below!


First we have to bring it back to the ludicrous toilet paper shortage.

“Does the rona give you the shits?”

“No… but if everyone else is buying it – we better had too, my bowel won’t wait for the Ben in the mornin’…”

Thank GOODNESS we have wisened up as an Island now.




Much like loo roll, the rona had us (and most of the world) crying out for pasta. Although it can be made with literally two ingredients (flour and water), the thought of being locked away without a spag bol to hand was just too much for most to handle. What are you doing with all that pasta in your cupboards now folks..?




TIGER KING. The phrase revokes a thousand memories, from TikTok dances to fancy dress on zoom quizzes, you couldn’t escape the wrath of Carol Baskin. Speaking of…




Let’s face it. THE FIRST ONE WAS FUN, the second, third and then fourth?! Not so much. Having a few bevvies with the lads through your laptop was such a laugh but if I am ever asked how high snaefell is again I will scream.


I bet you had forgotten about this one, what ever happened to the mysterious House Party app? The overnight sensation took lockdown by storm, enabling your face to pop up on your friends phone with just the click of a button, it seemed like the whole Manx population were on the app. However, after hacking claims circulated, the app vanished almost as quickly as it arrived. Goodbye Houseparty and hello TikTok!

6. RAAD NY FOILLAN FOOTPATH (the way of the gull)

After a heavy evening of zoom drinks and banana bread, we were encouraged to explore our beautiful Island and coastlines on lengthy walks to get out of the house. Deep into lockdown desperation, we began to resemble that of a human-dog, jumping up and down in excitement at the sound of the word ‘walkies’. Lockdown gave us the chance to revisit and discover so many wonders of the Isle and has sparked a newfound interest in exercise in general. The 2021 Parish Walk is gonna go OFF. 




Much like walking, activities in the Irish sea have become the next big thing. Be it a blow up kayak or a new wet suit, it seemed that everyone was stocking up on equipment for their inevitable staycation. Speaking of which, how is your love for the good ol’ Irish sea now that we are out, gone on that swim yet?


Thanks to Ross Bakery, lockdown wasn’t soo bad. In a way, it kind of felt like a Jurby prison styled holiday… if Jurby was in Portugal that is (especially with that scorching weather, we could all do with some of that about now)!


Thanks to Howie, we were able to visit our loved ones from a distance pretty early into lockdown in comparison to our friends in the UK. So, deckchair time became a regular occurrence for a lot of people. With the gorge weather it was a dream, until you needed a wee… see you next time!


One of the most positive things to have come out of lockdown in our eyes was the flow of all things creative. With so much additional time on our hands, the amount of new hobbies and local businesses that flourished over lockdown is something that we should all look back on and smile. We hope that your newfound love for art, yoga, reading, exercise and baking is something you can bring with you into the future!



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