How to Get a Parcel Returned to ASOS from the Isle of Man

Update: Some of you have alerted us to a helpful post by ASOS. It appears that Hermes collection is working again, but it is still a pain if you’ve not got a safe place to leave a parcel.

It’s harder than you’d think.

My name is Chess, and I have confession. I am addicted to ASOS.


Look. I know fast fashion is bad. You can tell me that the sea-levels are rising, the polar bears are dying, hell- you could even get Greta Thunberg to breakdown and cry in front of me, but it won’t make a difference. I love the (not so) cheap thrill of searching through thousands of garments, imagining how much better my life would be if I owned another leopard print dress.


I am, however, also a chronic returner. I frequently forget what I actually look like, and what is a subtle and sexy hint of cleavage on a model is quite often something rather obscene on me. There are many kinds of heartbreak, but there is a certain kind of pain of going to the post office, holding a black and white plastic bag full of unfulfilled dreams to be returned to their sender.


Ah! But returning parcels is not as easy as it was. Once, not so long ago, we were able to simply able to stick a returns label on to a bag and whack it down the post office. Now, however, in an attempt to go greener, ASOS have broken up with a return labels- an action that feels like it’s only tackling the tip of the proverbial melting iceberg. Attempting to make fast fashion greener is a good step forward, in theory, but has left us Manxies in a bit of a pickle.


Through ASOS, you now need to select a method of returns. The problem is that the QR code doesn’t work through IOM post, and that Hermes collection service, for some unknown reason, isn’t an option either. Without an Hermes or ASDA drop-off point, we’ve been left high and dry.


But don’t you worry! After what can only be described an Odyssey with customer services, I finally discovered, for you (but mostly for myself) how to return to ASOS:

1) Write your order number and slip it into the parcel

2) Send to the following address:


Barlby Road,



3) Send! Remember to ask for proof of postage!

You will need to pay for postage, but it’s a hell of a load better than being stuck with 100 quids worth of unwanted clothes. Now, go forth and shop!

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  1. I managed to get Hermes to collect my parcel and return it for me although took me a while to faff around and work it out

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