Just what the doctor prescribed: it’s time for your weekly dose of good news!

Community Efforts


Manxies came out in force this year for the Coast to Coast Walk on the 6th September, which saw its largest ever turnout of almost 600 people: nearly double what they had last year. Even better: they’ve raised over £8000 for Manx Blind Welfare, with even more sponsorships forms yet to come in. Well done to everyone involved!

iomca insta.pngiomca insta.png

Nominations have opened for the Isle of Man Care Awards! Covering a wide spectrum of carers on island (from professionals, to children, to support pets), the awards intend to put a well-deserved spotlight on the island’s carers. You can find out more here, and submit a nomination here. You have until 14th October!

Image credit: Laura BowlesImage credit: Laura Bowles

Image credit: Laura Bowles

In sporting news, local boy Tom Gandy has once again done good. The golfer finished the European tour in Portugal with a career best, finishing in the top 40 for the first time. Congrats Tom!

If you want to hear more from Tom, you can tune into his interview with Ruairi Poole from earlier this year

You should be listening to this…

Spotted in the Gef office: me, bobbing my head to some mad tunes by French-Canadian band, Le Couleur. Their third album, Concorde, was released last week and is an absolute banger. The album is produced in a deeply nostalgic way: there are strong audible references to 70s funk and 80s electro-pop, each element brought together in an intensely modern way. The album, above all, is cool: if it weren’t in French, however, I would wonder if it would be simply cheesy. Either way, it appeals to the ABBA fan who doesn’t want to embarrass themselves by blaring Gimme, Gimme, Gimme in the office (me, the album appeals to me). If you understand French, dancing around to lyrics (apparently) about the Air France crash in 2001 might be uncomfortable, but if you’re hopeless at the language, then you can carry on oblivious.

Online best bits

Continuing on the Francophone theme, Netflix has released its trailer for Emily in Paris. Does it look good? Well- it’s probably no Sopranos or Breaking Bad, but it fully appeals to the part of me that loves trash TV. Brought to us by the people who brought Sex and the City to our screens. The show follows the titular Emily (played by Lily Colins) cutting about Paris in an intensely glamorous job. Look, I’ll be honest- I don’t care what this show is actually about. I’ve already been captivated by the gorgeous costumes (brb, buying some ankle boots as we speak) and city landscapes: filling the hole left in my heart by Gossip Girl (which, as Peggy’s highlighted, is not available on island- where does the discrimination end?).

In podcasting news, the godfather of podcasts, Scroobius Pip, has interviewed Scottish comedian Fern Brady. If you’re unfamiliar with the Distraction Pieces podcast, it is is hosted by rapper/actor/spoken-word poet/all-around good guy Scroobius Pip, and has had a whopping 345 episodes thus far, meaning Pip has almost certainly interviewed someone you’re a fan of. The podcast is just a long-form interview, and Pip is a fantastic host. The most recent episode is with Fern Brady (Live at the Apollo, Roast Battle), who is one of my favourite stand-ups at the moment. Fern is incredibly intelligent, witty and likeable, and the pair talk about her path from student journalist to stand-up, class barriers and their favourite media at the moment. The conversation is a delight to listen to, and Pip does an excellent job, as per. Listen below on Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


In other internet news, I am utterly, utterly obsessed with these Argos curtains that have been all over twitter. I have a lot of questions about them, but the mains ones are: Did the designer get their inspiration from a pack of cigs? Why are they so cheap? And fundamentally: why do I want them so much?

You should be watching this…

Last Friday, Netflix released The Duchess, the semi-autobiographical series based on Katherine Ryan’s life. Ryan plays a 30-something single Mum and ex-WAG called, ahem, Katherine Ryan, who lives in London and has one of the best TV wardrobes of the moment. The show focuses around Katharine’s relationship with her daughter, Olive (Katy Byrne), a precocious 9 year-old that comes out with some fantastic one-liners. For her birthday, Olive wants a new sibling: Katherine, a devoted mother, goes on a quest to become pregnant, while working out who she wants to father her second child.

If you’ve ever watched Ryan’s stand up, many of the plot-points will be familiar. The show is very funny, watchable and heartwarming, highlighting the connection between mother-and-daughter. Byrne’s performance is exceptional: her delivery rivals Ryan’s. The show is dangerously bingeable. Watch the trailer here:

And finally:

Leeds-based band Crake have released a B-side about Gef the Mongoose, called, you guessed it, Gef. Here at Gef the Mongoose, we were disappointed to realise that Gef is about our namesake, opposed to, you know, us. Crake tell the story of Gef well, but personally I think there is a market for a tune about everyone’s favourite online publication. Any takers?