We all know the Bee Gees and Sam Barks, some may even remember Twisted Angels, and those who often rock up to local gigs will be familiar with Sunset Jet, Biskee Brisht, VooDoo Bandits… just to name a very small list of local musical talents.

But behind the doors of Ballakermeen’s music rooms there’s a group of four very promising local lads, grasping any chance they can to practice and perfect their playlist of 70s/80s rock, new-wave post-punk tracks and even some originals!

Tommy, Eli, Spencer and Bram began the group that is ‘Glitch 256’ on March 1st 2019 – just 2 months later they took part in the 2019 Youth Battle of the Bands, coming away as Best Senior Band. On March 1st 2020 exactly one year after they formed, ‘Roll the Devil’s Dice’ made its way onto Spotify as Glitch 256’s debut; now followed by ‘Lady of the Night’, both of which were recorded at Ballagroove Recording Studio.

‘Roll the Devil’s Dice – Live’ was performed at Compton Vaults with SoundCheck on 6th August 2020. You can find Glitch 256 on Spotify or listen to their tracks here while you read the interview below.



Spencer, 14 – Drums

If you could perform in any venue or at any event on the Isle of Man, where would you choose?

I would love to play at the Villa Marina and wish I could play at Compton Vaults again, also the main stage at the Dark Horse festival would be amazing!

What song would you love to be able to play on the drums that you haven’t already learnt?

I am currently attempting to play ‘2112’ by Rush (Overture/Temples of Syrinx).

Gef note: Yes, the song ‘2112’ is technically 20:33 minutes long. Listen to it on your next walk home.

Who are your main musical inspirations at the moment?

Neil Peart (‘Rush’) is a big inspiration for me at the minute but there’s also the likes of Ginger Baker (‘Cream’ & others), Mitch Mitchell (‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’) and John Bonham (‘Led Zeppelin’) who are all incredible drummers that I wish I could meet in real life.

If you could be the support band for any musician in the world, who would you pick?

It would be amazing to support bands like Rush or Black Sabbath or even some more modern bands like the Foo Fighters and Royal Blood.

Tommy, 14 – Vocals

What was the inspiration behind the artwork for ‘Lady of the Night’?

Well, Eli wrote the song and everything, but he told me that it was inspired by ‘Moving Pictures’ by Rush and originally we were going to have someone modelling… but she [the model] backed out just before we took the pictures. So we found a different location, we chatted about some ideas, and voila!

What song on the Glitch setlist do you look forward to performing the most?

I really look forward to performing both ‘White Room’ by Cream and ‘Spirit of Radio’ by Rush because I feel I can really test my voice while singing them. I’m also really inspired by both Rush and Cream.

If you could only listen to one album forever, what album would you pick?

If I could only listen to one album? Abbey Road. By a long shot. I actually have the vinyl, my grandad gave it to me a couple of months ago before he moved to England. It has tons of different kinds of stuff on it, I really enjoy listening it.

What lyrics, written by someone else, are your favourite?

I really like the lyrics to ‘The Spirit of Radio’ because if you look closer you realise the meaning behind it. I also like songs that tell stories, like ‘The Rubberband Man’ by The Spinners, and ‘Diary of Horace Wimp’ by ELO. I feel like I can really get into it while listening.

Bram, 15 – Lead Guitar

What gig have you enjoyed playing the most with Glitch?

Probably at Port Erin beach for the Deep South Festival as the outdoor atmosphere so different to what we’ve played before, it was very interesting and an enjoyable gig.

What’s your favourite song to perform with Glitch?

My favourite is ‘White Room’ by Cream as the band are very good at keeping in time during the 5/4 time signature parts.

What is your favourite song to play that isn’t on the Glitch setlist?

I love playing ‘Hey Joe’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

If you could be the support band for any musician in the world, who would you pick to support?

I’d pick Eric Clapton, he is a big inspiration of mine.

Eli, 15 – Bass guitar

Who are your main musical inspirations?

My main musical inspiration, when writing, is David Sylvian – specifically when he was in Japan. My main musical inspirations when playing and writing on the bass are Mick Karn, also of Japan and Peter Hook of Joy Division.

What’s your favourite song to play live that’s on the Glitch setlist?

My favourite song to play live on our setlist is ‘White Room’ by Cream

What was your favourite gig that you’ve played with the band?

My favourite gig of ours was when we played at Quids Inn in July, playing there seems to have brought us some more recognition

What song would you love to add to the setlist for future gigs?

I would love to play ‘My New Career’ by Japan.

This year Glitch 256 have played at Quidds Inn, Compton Vaults, Sir Norman’s Theatre Bar, Circle ya Wagons, Ballakermeen and Port Erin Beach. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media accounts for updates on future gigs – you don’t want to miss these guys.