In the week when a Manx Karen went viral and Peel’s water turned brown, Gef’s here to keep you updated with the latest skeet…

Douglas council binned the firework display 

Bad news for Douglas residents: the fireworks have been cancelled, another casualty of the prom works. Who else is dreading the traffic across the mountain, as desperate Douglas pyrotechnic fans head to watch the fireworks across the lakes? 

Education gets a New Boss

After a damning report on the grim culture at the Department of Education was published last week,  Prof. Ronald Bar has ron away from his position as the Education CEO.

Stepping in for 6 months is Graham, who is planning on delivering the action plan outlined in the report. The guy must love a CHALLENGE.

Alf Updated us on the Economy 

Reserves are back to pre-pandemic position, and unemployment isn’t too bad. 

Gov are dropping;

  • £10 mil on working 

  • 500k on events

  • 500k on cannabis 

With a combined mil on events and cannabis, does this mean the island is gearing up for the greatest sesh of all time?

Alf’s full update is here

Howard updated us on everything else 

No movement on borders, still level 4 for the foreseeable.

The vulnerable need to get a flu jab.

Full update here

The Show goes on 

The panto is cancelled! (Oh no it isn’t!)

Sorry for the absolute dad joke, but the good news is that the Panto is a go, with a UK company directing a Manx cast over Zoom. 

It would be great to see the full gig go to a Manx outfit in our opinion #SHOPLOCAL 

Banged Up: C-19 Weekly Figures

The Jurby Hilton is getting busy with rule floaters. 

  • 5 x Welders got 2 weeks for going to Maccies 

  • 1 x Guy who returned from Thailand and went to the doctors 

  • 1 x Guy who went to eat a meal at a homeless shelter

3 x guys who went to the shop for some beer after getting off the boat were handed a fine. 

This sparked outrage with the FB gang, the police have since actively encouraged snitching and Howard is thinking about a tannoy in the boat to hammer the message home. 

Banged Up: Cannabis Weekly Figures 

  • 31 y-old from Ramsey was fined £500 for £100 worth of cannabis 

If you think ‘bringing back the birch’ is extreme, wait to you get a load of this Manx Karen, who went viral on twitter this week. 

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 16.36.09.pngScreenshot 2020-10-02 at 16.36.09.png

Manx Political Twitter 

The election is now less than 12 months away, things are hotting. We’ll be bringing you a weekly round up of MHK / MLC Twitter spice. 

This week: Chris Thomas on the Chief believing he is Presidential

Until next week, stay classy IOM, and don’t drink the brown water xoxo