Earlier this week, Gef asked you what YOU think about the island’s border restrictions. It’s a hot topic, and something most Manx folk have an opinion on so as expected…

The responses were MIXED. 

  • The majority of you (68%) want the restrictions to remain the same or have harsher border policies.

  • while 32% of you wanted the restrictions relaxed


But we all agreed on one thing ‘CBA, going back into lockdown again’. 

While the decision on borders firmly sits with COMIN and the medics, we wanted to delve into your views on the different options in more detail. 


In terms of how we should relax border restrictions, a lot of you seemed keen on the idea of moving to level 3a. This would mean Islanders can sponsor friends and family members to visit. 


Being separated from friends and families seemed to be the primary concern for most of you, especially as Christmas looms. The introduction of level 3A would potentially see families reunited after months apart.


Some of you were fond of Jersey’s approach, which has a traffic light system that indicates different testing and isolation requirements. Regions are given a colour (green, amber and red) visitors arriving from those areas are required to follow these policies. Currently, people who arrive from green regions have to be tested on the day of arrival (day 0) and on day 5, but are not required to isolate. This will change on the 12th October when individuals arriving from green areas will have to isolate until they receive a negative test result. For people travelling from amber areas, they must be tested on day 0 and day 5, and must isolate until a day 5 negative result. For people travelling from red areas, they must be tested on day 0, but must isolate for the full 14 days. Many of you like the idea of testing on arrival like Jersey. This has been reflected in a petition calling for testing at the border, which has gained over 800 signatures.

Keep em closed

For proponents of keeping or tightening the borders, the main consensus was that you feel safer and think the economy will be protected with the current restrictions.