In a week where an angry Yorkshireman said some VERY rude things about the Isle of Man and Father Christmas wannabes got their hopes dashed, we’ve got the latest skeet…

It all kicked off Nationally

Last week we reported that 5 lads from Doncaster were BANGED UP for breaking Covid rules. Well, one of their mums got in touch with the nationals and it’s fair to say that the English are not happy bunnies. Somehow “stopping for booze” has been interpreted as “stopped for sandwiches”: the English are horrified that the 5 welders were expected to STARVE. 

Particularly angry at this was a youtuber who describes himself as the “Angry Yorkshireman”- also from Donny. And he certainly was angry at the Manx legal system, and suggested that it’s “legal to f*** your family because [the Manx] look like a load of inbred c***s”. Charming.

To make sure everything is clear, separate lanes for key workers are being introduced at the airport and sea terminal. NO EXCUSE NOT TO FOLLOW THE RULES NOW LADS xx

Beer fest is back baby!

The beer festival has confirmed it will be BACK for 2021! Bringing back the same unique vibe, the festival is set for 8th-10th April. You can read more about it here. 

Photo credit: Lorcan O’MahonyPhoto credit: Lorcan O’Mahony

Photo credit: Lorcan O’Mahony

Extraordinary Islanders Award Nominations are OPEN

Mannanan, the buggane,  Gef. All Manx legends. But if you know ANOTHER Manx legend who has done something amazing this year and is deserving of some recognition, you can nominate them for an Extraordinary Islanders award. Check out the details here.

Hopes for running Santas dashed

Sad news for fans of people dressed like Father Christmas running around Douglas (niche, but I’m sure there are). The Santa dash has been cancelled over ‘rona concerns.  The good news is that the money earmarked for the prize will be donated to local causes, but the event will be missed.

Glamping for South Barrule (hopefully)

We love a cheeky planning application and they have not disappointed this week. Plans for a visitor centre, 40 glamping pods and luxury lodges have been unveiled for South Barrule and the pics have got us excited.

I mean, wow. -

I mean, wow.


HQ told us TO BE PREPARED and that they’re ditching the seven day test from Sunday so we’re back to the gold standard of 14 days iso. He also gave a reminder to keyworkers- ‘no stopping for petrol, sausage rolls or alcohol’. Read the full update here.

Banged Up: C-19 Weekly Figures

  • No one got banged up this week for Covid offences, which is good because I don’t think the UK media would have been able to handle it..

Banged Up: Cannabis Weekly Figures 

  • No one got banged up this week, but a 21 year old got fined for having 1.35g of cannabis on him. He has been asked to pay £600 + 50 quid for prosecution costs