Media partnership with Extraordinary Islanders

While some of us spent lockdown in front of Netflix (guilty as charged), other Manxies were doing exceptional things for our little community.

Extraordinary Islanders launched this week to celebrate all the Manxies who have gone above and beyond and stepped up in 2020… basically, they’re spreading positivity by celebrating absolute legends.


So how is Extraordinary Islanders celebrating these Manxies?

The Extraordinary Islanders team will be handing out some good old-fashioned kudos to celebrate the actions of some absolute superstar manxies.


And do awards mean prizes?

YES Brucie! And not just a flimsy certificate and a pat on the back either. The Extraordinary Islanders team are promising some proper good prizes, picked out especially for the category winners. Obviously it’s not all about the prizes, but isn’t it nice to have something incredible selected just for you?


How many awards are there?

Seven – with each award correlating to a colour of the rainbow (anyone remember Roy G Biv?)


Red – Team Spirit and Wellbeing – sponsored by RL360

Yellow – Charity recognition

Orange – Young Citizen – sponsored by ZEDRA

Green – Caring for the Vulnerable – sponsored by Ramsey Crookall

Blue – Innovation and Technology – sponsored by Manncoin

Indigo – Overcoming Adversity – sponsored by Boston

Violet – Outstanding commitment to the community – sponsored by KPMG


Who are the awards for?

Anyone in our community who has done something extraordinary to help us get through the lockdown and beat ‘the rona’ – there’s a bit of something for everyone, from Outstanding Contribution to the Community to Innovation and Technology.


I know an extraordinary islander… how do I nominate them?

It’s quick and easy: head to 

When can I start nominating?

Nominations are open NOW and close on 16th November.


Any more dates for the diary?

–   Sponsors will start judging in December (think X Factor’s judges houses… with fewer people dressed in just leaves, hopefully..)

–   Finalists will be announced in January, when the public vote will open

–   Public vote will close on the 15th February

–   Winners will be announced in March 2021

–   There will then be a big ol’ shindig to celebrate all our incredible Manxies


So, if you know an individual or a group that have been absolute legends during the pandemic, get nominating!

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