Manxies’ achievements recognised by Queen

Many of us celebrate our birthdays by handing out shots to those we think are deserving. The Queen, does things a little differently for her birthday, by handing out honours to those she thinks are deserving of recognition. Fair play to her, that is marginally better than a shot of tequila. This year she’s recognised seven incredible Manxies for their work in our community, from medical consultants, to charity workers and dedicated beekeepers. The Isle of Man has it all when it comes to outstanding human beings.

Peter Duffy

  • Mr Duffy proved himself to be the soundest consultant urologist ever- and has been awarded an MBE for his outstanding support for the Isle of Man. When surgeries were cancelled, Duffers didn’t decide to pop his feet up and watch Tiger King, but instead decided to help patients and hospital staff. His work over the pandemic included changing beds, serving meals, and reading to end of life patients- an undoubtedly valuable and human act when visitors were unable to enter the hospital. 

Gareth Hinge

  • Our favourite Ramsey Rugby Club coach, Gareth, has been awarded an MBE for his outstanding community service during the pandemic. He organised rugby players to go from egg chasing to delivering eggs (and other food and medical supplies) across the north during lockdown.

David Ashford

  • Ashy’s leadership of the health and social care services has landed him an MBE. A statement from Government House acknowledged his “kindness and humour” during the broadcasts, and his ability to clearly present information to the public.

Mark Kenyon

  • Mark has been a Ramsey lifeboat volunteer crew member for more than 30 years, and has trained other RNLI volunteers. Mark has responded to tons of callouts, both day and night.  He has received an MBE for his outstanding contribution to the organisation.

Thelma Lomax

  • Thelma has had an outstanding contribution and service to Manx Charities, which has resulted in her being awarded in an MBE. She has volunteered and supported countless charities, but is most noted for her work with Women’s Aid and its associated refuge, which she set up 30 years ago. 

Christine Carter

  • Repping Laxey and Lonan, Christine Carter is the volunteer chairman and secretary of the Laxey and Lonan branch of the Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association. She has been awarded a BEM for her services.

Harry Owens

  • We’re buzzing (sorry) to hear that Harry, the island’s bee inspector, has been awarded a British Empire Medal for outstanding services to beekeeping. As the island’s bee inspector, he has had a pivotal role in keeping the island’s bee population free from mites and beetles. He’s also taken his beekeeping global, having visited Burundi last year (at 84!) to provide training for locals in the hope that the techniques taught will aid self-sufficiency and improve diets in areas where famine exists. His daughter, Sarah, described him as a “legend” and we couldn’t agree more.