Last week, the Chief Minister announced the end of the 7 day testing period. This week’s vox pop asked YOU what you thought about testing.

An overwhelming majority of you (75%) were for some form of mandatory testing to return to the island. A further 10% of you were fond of the return of 7 day testing, while 15% of you were against mandatory testing.

Here are your views:

Christmas Concerns


As we saw with last week’s vox pop, many of you are anxious about whether you’ll be able to see the fam this Christmas. Some of you have suggested that testing on arrival will allow families to be safely reunited. 


Keep the two week iso:

There’s a bit of a split opinion here. While some of you are fond of the 2 week isolation period, and don’t think it’s necessary to bring back testing if that’s in place, others think it would be beneficial to have testing alongside the mandatory isolation period.



Another point raised was that mandatory testing at the border would allow for more accurate data. We love a sexy little stat at Gef, so I’m personally all about the data too..

Cost-benefit analysis

A few of you are concerned that the cost of testing outweigh the benefits.



Some of you are concerned that by removing the 7 day isolation period, only people who can afford not to work for fourteen days will be able to go away.