In a week where a new conkers champion was announced and the corona rumour mill went wild, we’ve got the latest skeet… 

Half term Hols

Dr Al told the parents and guardians of the IOM this week that they shouldn’t go on their jollies to the UK or further afield (Guernsey= OK)  this half term because of the two week isolation period when they get back. Dr Al suggested that children and parents should enjoy what the island has to offer. 

Not that you’d be able to get up to much if you went away, anyway…

Old Boris came out with a new system this week for determining how corona-ry an area of the UK is.  Like an incredibly unappealing wedding cake, the system has three tiers:

  • Tier one (medium): 

The “rule of six” applies indoors and outdoors

Restaurants and pubs shut at ten

  • Tier two (high):

No mixing indoors

The rule of six still applies outdoors

Restaurants and pubs shut at 10

Tier three (very high):

  • No household mixing indoors and outdoors in hospitality venues or private meetings


  • The rule of six only applies in outdoor public spaces, which means socialising will be plastic bottles of strongbow in the park like we did when we were 16 

  • Guidance against travelling in and out of the area

This week, Liverpool went to tier three, with the central government asking Manchester to do the same, but Andy Burnham, the mayor of greater Manchester, has basically said “no thanks Boris”. 

Cattle cut about Castletown 

CUTE STORY. A load of Highland cattle, the cutest breed of cow (sorry Holstein Friesian, but you’re basic bitches)  were spotted in Castletown as they were moved from the Langness peninsula to their winter pastures. 

Bonkers for conkers 

Adrenaline was PUMPING at the Braaid village hall last saturday for the championship of the most dangerous playground game, conkers. The safety conscious among us will be relieved to know that competitors were spotted with protective goggles on.  BIG CONGRATS to Georgia Halsall who was named the Manx Conker Champion. 

Leccy railway sign to be REMOVED

The iconic Electric Railway sign, rumoured to be the inspiration behind the less impressive “Hollywood” sign, will be removed next week because its supporting frame has corroded. While it will be a long, sad winter without the sign, the gov has promised to pop up a replacement from spring. 


An independent inquiry will be carried out, looking into a ballot box not being properly sealed at the Derby Ward election, where Manx labour swept up with two councillors, Devon Watson and Samuel Hamer,  being elected. It’s hardly a sexy story of election fraud, with the complainant saying he didn’t feel the improper sealing of the boxes had any effect on the result. Not quite Watergate then, but more of a tale of someone not being able to use sellotape. BIG CONGRATS TO DEVON AND SAMUEL.


If you were working in an office on Thursday, you’d have heard that someone in every office on the island had Corona. Howard then updated that there are NO COMMUNITY CASES.  You can find out all the goss in our gov update

Wildlife park money

Earlier this week our beloved Curraghs announced that the Great Manx Public had raised a whopping 10k this year for it’s conservation fund, which is impressive as the park was closed for 10 weeks  due to Covid. The money donated will go towards protecting some of the park’s favourite animals in the wild.

Banged Up: C-19 Weekly Figures

  • Everyone has been good this week, apparently.