The Manx Events Fund Debate

The 500k domestic events fund, announced as part of the 100m Economic Recovery, is now open for applications. This week’s vox pop asked what YOU would do with the money to spice up island life. Here are your thoughts:


Islanders are KEEN for a festival on the island. Whether that be a “Manx Coachella”, the return of Mannifest or an indoor/outdoor affair, it’s clear that you lot are missing wearing wellies, sleeping in a field and not showering for 5 days. 


I like a fast bike as much as anyone, but let’s be honest: the highlight of TT is the beer tent. One instagrammer suggested a return of bushys. While we may not have the bikes this year, who is to say we couldn’t have a tent whacked up over winter?

Egg and spoon race around the TT course

Although, if you have a need for speed, an egg and spoon race around the TT course might be exactly what we need…

Brown cafes

Amsterdam is a popular destination for Manxies because of, ahem, the vast amount of Rembrandt appreciators on-island. One facebook user suggested bringing a touch of Amsterdam to the island by legalising weed and having coffee shops everywhere. How continental!

Late night coffee-shops

On a slightly more pure note, one instagrammer suggested the island would benefit from “cafes and social spaces (that aren’t pubs) that are open later than 5/6pm”. Not all of us want to get boozy on a Tuesday. 

“Warehouse rave venue”

One instagrammer, clearly missing the Warehouse project, suggested a “warehouse rave venue”. See you in the industrial estate for a mad one later, yeah?

Christmas markets

A couple of you were fond of the idea of Christmas markets. One of you suggested that the market could have “a beer tent and live local bands” 

“Street party to open the prom at Easter”

We love the optimism that the prom will be open by then…

“I’d love to replace what the food assembly offered. Local, fresh produce all under one roof”

Healthy and good for the local economy. What’s not to love?

“At least one outdoor lido/sea pool. Good for health, nostalgia, an attraction.”


“We recreate ocean beach Ibiza in the NSC to make up for the lack of holidays”

Just not the same without Wayne Lineker though, is it?

“Family event for New Years Eve. Some kind of fair with fireworks etc”

We’re up for anything that will say goodbye to 2020.

“Large indoor soft play open 7 days a week.”

Sometimes you just want to shove your kids in a ball pit and call it a day. We get it.

“Buy plots of land around the coast for wild camping so walkers can do a route around the island without worrying about camping on private land.”

Making the most of the island!


“A network linking all points of the island that works 24/7 so I wouldn’t have to fork out for a taxi home to Rammo” 

Calf of Man Love Island

“Get Dandara to pop up a villa on the calf, and turn it into Love Island. We could even get Tim Glover to narrate.” 


Need I say more?