We’re in a #blessed situation on the island right now, but we wouldn’t be Manx if we didn’t have a moan. Here at Gef, we know that it’s easy to feel like you’re going to work, going home, watching Netflix, RINSE AND REPEAT.  In this new weekly series, Gef’s GMP (Great Manx Public), we’re coming up with a few ways to spice up your life.

This week: put yourself out there and help someone else, with a bit of volunteering.

Age concern

Perfect for: Techies


If using the internet is second nature to you, Age Concern are looking for people to introduce older people to the internet. You only need to commit to 2 hours a month, and you could help an older person become a silver surfer and stay connected to their friends and family: something that could be really important while our borders are closed. You could also show them the cracking articles that are on

Other roles include “Voice of Experience” volunteers (a communication role), “Information and Signposting” volunteers (providing inspiration) or, if you have a little more time,  you could volunteer in an Age Concern shop.

Beach buddies

Perfect for: those looking for a bit of fresh air


Beach buddies have a very simple aim: clean up our island’s beaches. People of all ages are encouraged to come to one of their 90 minute sessions. There’s no need to sign up, and they provide all the equipment needed. Easy!

Circa IOM

Perfect for: People who don’t know what they want to do


Circa’s volunteer agency helps individuals work out exactly what type of volunteering they want to do, and how to get into it. Ideal.

Curragh’s Wildlife Park

Perfect for: DIY heads who can whack up a shelf


Curragh’s are looking for people with DIY skills who can do some of the practical work around the wildlife park.

If you’re the kind of person who feels SHEER PANIC when they see a stray IKEA wardrobe, worry not. Curragh’s also have a range of other volunteer roles, including helping with talks and craft activities.

Friends of Manx National Heritage

Perfect for: History nerds


If your heart races every time you think about King Orry, Friends of Manx National Heritage are always looking for new volunteers.

Girlguiding Isle of Man

Perfect for: People who love FUN


Is there anything more fun than being a brownie? If you want to be a role model to girls and young women, girl guides may be the volunteering role for you. While you could have a traditional Tawny Owl role, girlguiding also require secretaries, treasurers, shop assistants and photographers. 


Perfect for: The green-fingered


If lockdown turned you into an expert basil grower, try your gardening skills in one of the Hospice’s beautiful gardens.

Other volunteer roles include volunteering in the hospice’s shops and warehouses, on their reception, as a driver, and as a complementary therapy volunteer. 

Manx Blind Welfare

Perfect for: Wannabe librarians 


Manx Blind Welfare provide a variety of services for people with serious sight loss on the Isle of Man, including providing an audio library for those with sight loss. If being a librarian doesn’t appeal, there are also roles working on the reception, helping with social groups and minibus driving.

Ramsey cottage hospital

Perfect for: People who can make a cracking brew


Volunteers at Ramsey cottage hospital serve tea and coffee to patients, and can also provide company to the patients. RCH also want you to bring your interests to the role.


Perfect for: People who can listen


“Being a Samaritan means being there for people who desperately need someone. And that really matters”. Volunteering as a Samaritan isn’t easy, but it could make a vital difference to someone who really needs help.

The Samaritans also have a series of other roles, including marketing and fundraising. 


Perfect for: Badge enthusiasts


Scouts are looking for volunteers- and not just lads who can whack up a tent. The scouts value ALL skills, meaning you can use your finance badge to help them out, too.

The Manx Wildlife Trust

Perfect for: Chris Packham wannabes


While you can volunteer in the visitor centres and wildlife shop, for naturalists, the really exciting work is the hands on work in terrestrial survey work and marine survey work. Pretend you’re David Attenborough and narrate your surveying as you go along.

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