In a week where Manx twitter got spicy and Groudle Glen Water Wheel made a comeback, we’ve got the latest skeet…

Dr Rach resigns 
Manx Twittersphere went into overdrive this week when Dr Rachel Glover, the leading scientist for the Covid-19 lab, tweeted that she had resigned. Which led to this week’s gov press briefing getting SPICY.


Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 11.26.25.pngScreenshot 2020-10-31 at 11.26.25.png

Groudle Glen Water Wheel opens

Watch out Lady Isabella! The Groudle Glen Water Wheel has been restored by Laxey-based global mining machinery company MMD, bringing it back to its Victorian splendour. The opening was a big old affair, with the Lieutenant Governor cutting the ribbon and giving a speech. What can we say- us Manxies love our water wheels.


Last week, the local papers broke a story about Neighbours slating the island by implying that having an account in the Isle of Man, as an Australian, is a bit dodge. Well, an unreleased scene from season 2 Dr Who made its rounds on Twitter this week and we are not impressed. You can make your judgement for yourself:


The Isle of Man Steampacket have announced the shortlist for their new vessel. The public can choose from some classic Manx names: King Orry, Manxman, Manx Maid, and Mona’s Isle. Shame “manxy mcmanxface” isn’t an option, isn’t it? 

Computer-aided design (CAD) of the new vessel_L.jpgComputer-aided design (CAD) of the new vessel_L.jpg

TV licences

GOOD NEWS FOR THE OVER 75s: the gov have announced that they will meet the cost of TV licences for residents over 75 who don’t receive income support, until the end of 2021. More Mrs Brown’s boys, anyone?

24 hour security

With King Scallop season beginning tomorrow (Sunday, 1, November) new measures have been put in place at Peel and Douglas ports to stop UK fisherman bringing Covid to the island. Howard mentioned it in Friday’s press briefing adding – some fencing and security will be in place to make a ‘tangible border’ and it may ‘look and seem strange’.


Howard announced that he had lost 95% of his taste and smell after being infected with Covid. He also noted the possibility of 7 day testing for people who frequently go away for hospital, their escorts, and key workers, and a LOT was said about Dr Rach. You can read more about it here.

Banged Up: C-19 Weekly Figures

  • A 42 woman who took a taxi to a homeless shelter on the island has been sentenced to four weeks in jail.

  • A 22 year old man has been jailed for four weeks after  heading to a football club and going for a walk with a friend.

Banged Up: Cannabis Weekly Figures 

  • No one got banged up this week, but 45 year old was sentenced to community service for possession of cannabis and heroin