With the future is looking a little bit hazy at the moment, this week we’re encouraging the GMP to collect their history badge and engage with history. We’ve got something for everyone: from history nerds, to people who were desperate to drop it at GCSE.

Take a course
Ever wanted to look erudite af? Take a history course, and casually drop in the conversation that “I actually took a course on Meiji Japan, very interesting stuff”. The beauty of choosing a course online is you can do whatever you like (fab if you found the Battle of Hastings an absolute snoozefest), and you’re not forced into any coursework, either. Sites like coursera and futurelearn are great for some free content, whereas The Great Courses provide great in-depth courses for a fee. If you can wait around for the new year, UCM also hold some great general interest history courses.

Look into your family history.

Find out who you really are by tracking your family history. You might end up like Danny Dyer, and finding out you’re really royalty- or, even better, the rightful Lord of Mann. 

Visit a heritage site

We’re blessed on the island to have some great heritage sites- including one of the best preserved medieval castles in the world. If it’s been a while since you’ve been, pretend you’re on a school trip and you’re learning it all for the first time again.


Podcasts can be a great way to find a new interest. Pop one on during your commute, and learn something new.

Drunk History

Drunk History is not a new show: but it is very funny. Either sit back and watch, or, do my personal favourite, and recreate the show by getting tispy and trying to explain the conditions that led to decline of the Roman Empire.