This weekend is going to be full of fireworks going off around the Island, at organised displays and private firework parties. As most of us know, animals aren’t huge fans, but there’s plenty of stuff we can do to help them:

Top tips to help your pets and wildlife…

  • Only set off fireworks on expected nights so pet owners can be prepared. Don’t be celebrating Doris’ 84th Birthday with the Bazooka 320.

  • Firework litter must be picked up once it has cooled. Animals can become very sick if they get a hold of it.

  • Build bonfires as near to the time as lighting it. Wildlife like hedgehogs will see it as their bed for the night, and you want to make sure there’s nobody in there!

  • We all love to snuggle under the covers, so give your pets and outdoor animals something they can burrow under, ideally in a quiet corner or under some furniture.

  • Give your dog or cat somewhere to hide, like a safe haven. Set this up a couple of nights before the fireworks begin. This can be their area for the night. Leave some treats and toys around to make them feel comfortable.

  • Cover outside cages and pens with blankets so that it becomes more soundproofed and dark. Keep a small area for them to look out though. They’re scared of the dark too you know!

  • Go for an extra long walk during the daylight and do your best to tire them out! A tired pup is best.

  • Close the curtains and/or blinds and get some music on. You could even tune into Doggy TV like this guy.

  • Don’t raise your voice if your four-legged friend starts to bark.

  • Don’t over cuddle, they may want to get to their safety point.